Just a 10-minute bicycle ride from the Old Town, Western-style 1984 Tattoo Studio sprung up mid-2017 alongside Vietnam Backpacker Hostels Hoi An on Cua Dai.


The offspring of a successful Hanoi parent, 1984 has a cafe on the ground floor and a pleasant terrace beckoning as ideal places to chill before or in between inking sessions. Watch out for the cute little puppy, it will keep you on your toes!


The Studio itself is rather small with three benches for the tattoo action but all is as neat and tidy as it can get in a Tattoo Studio. The very friendly artists have several years’ experience and there’s always enough English to discuss the details of your design or to give recommendations.

Tattoo Styles

1984 Tattoo Studio offers an eclectic mix of styles: from Old School, Geometrics and Realistic to Japanese, Watercolours and Black Dot designs. Interestingly, no others in Hoi An have mastered the complex Japanese styles that follow very strict rules of colour, shape and theme.


Designs include Vietnamese Lanterns in Black Dot style and lots of nature motives in Watercolour.

1984 Tattoo Studio - Sketchbook
1984 Tattoo Studio - Sketch


Impeccable. Tables, pillows, bottles (all wrapped in plastic film), disposable gloves and sterile needles are all equal to Western standards.


The average price is $100 for an hour’s work, which may alter a little depending on the difficulty and style of the tattoo. The cheapest tattoo is about 22$.

1984 Tattoo Studio - Equipment

The Wash-Up

1984 Studio Tattoo is a very welcome addition to the Hoi An tattoo scene that promises quality and delivers. When Hoi An Now’s Ms Ha surrendered herself into the hands of the artist, you could clearly see the attention to detail they put into the design. The preparation, finding the best location for it on her arm, and the inking itself were all done with great care and skill.


By Vietnamese standards the prices are on the high side but as top quality appears assured it’s surely worth paying a little extra. Tattoos are for life after all.


For a tantalizing taste of 1984 Studio Tattoo check out this video, visit their FB/Instagram or drop by their studio for a pre-tattoo chat and a drink.


Note that they don’t do Piercings although they show pictures of their work on their Facebook/Instagram Page. These are only available in Hanoi.

1984 Tattoo Studio - Skin and Needle

Hours: 9am – 9pm.
Add: 274 Cửa Đại, Cẩm Châu, Tp. Hội An
Tel: +84 (0) 235 6541 984

Facebook: 1984 Tattoo Studio
Instagram: 1984 Tattoo Studio

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