The T Room Gin Bar

The T Room Gin Bar. Bars review. Landscape collection 2

The exotic gin-fusions on the menu created by genial host, Kate Gerrard, could tempt even hardened traditionalists with titles such as Fennel, Cucumber & Black Pepper; Chamomile; Rose & Cardamom; Longan & Lime and Vanilla & Pomelo. They’re all beautifully presented – a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to drink – and the fusions are delicately balanced so as not to overpower the gin base.


Each serve is a generous 50 mls (almost a double), and non-gin-drinkers are also well catered for with beer and wine served by the glass or bottle.


An amazing 25 labels imported from all corners of the earth are on offer. Gin, Gin and more Gin.  There is the Gunpowder … the Opia … the Ophir … the 4 Pillars, Shiraz … the Japanese, the Irish, the Australian, the Scottish and the South African … the list goes on.

The T Room Gin Bar. Bars review. Lounge setting

Ahhh … the seating! Such a welcome change from the backache-inducing hardwood favored by the Vietnamese and seldom appreciated by Westerners.  Sink back and enjoy squishy luxurious lounge chairs –  perfect for squishy soft Westerners.


The ambiance is relaxed and chilled and unobtrusive, contemporary music coupled with lush greenery and comfortable seating make a perfect pre/après dinner drinks venue. Or, simply imbibe in comfort with a few friends any time after 4pm.


One thing that would be a welcome addition to soak up all that lovely liquid, would be a few simple snacks – even just peanuts – after all, here in Hoi An they only cost, well, peanuts…

T Room Gin Bar. Bars. Review. The lounge setting 2.
T Room Gin Bar. Bars. Review. The lounge setting.
T Room Gin Bar. Bars. Review. 1 drink
T Room Gin Bar. Bars. Review. Pink Flamingo
T Room Gin Bar. Bars. Review. Assorted Drinks

Add: 2 Mac Dinh Chi

Tel: +84 70 326 9120

FB: The T Room Gin Bar

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