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My Ten Best







Five Best Things To Do With A Visiting Friend


Cooking class with Tra Que Water Wheel


Bicycle tour of Cam Kim


Sitting on the balcony of the Fusion Mojito bar  with one of their sensational Mojitos watching the lanterns floating down the Thu Bon River


Cam Thanh Water Coconut Village


Hy Van Pass on a motorbike.



And Here’s My Five Of The Best!


Best restaurant:  L’Aubergine 49 


Best night out:  Mojito Bar, Fusion Café


Best for kids:   Farmers tour, Tra Que Village


Best finds:  A Korean Restaurant that I want to keep a secret (shhh, don’t tell him!)


Best value for money: Fresh beer (Bia Hoi)



Complete the followingYou know you’ve been living in Vietnam a long time when…   the internet doesn’t work and you blame the Sharks and the Chinese. 


*In recent times the internet has had problems with a faulty cable.  It was out for a month and running tortoise pace slow.  The story in the papers oscillated between blaming sharks biting through the cable and rumors of Chinese sabotage.


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