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Banh Mi Phuong

It’s amazing, there’s about 12 different Banh Mi options and the maximum price is 25,000 vnd.  The have vegetarian, meat, you name it and all their sauces are hand made and the honey glazed tofu banh mi is to die for.


A ride around the Old Town and rice paddies.

There is so much that you don’t see in the Old Town, so many little roads that you can go down.  You just never know what amazing thing you’ll find around the next corner.  We also like riding around the rice paddies for the same reason and on the last ride we ended up in the Coconut Palm Village where they have the Nipa Palms (like Everglades).  We’d recommend you do a bike tour first and then go it alone after that.   You can hire bikes from ‘everywhere’.


Redbridge Cooking School.

You go to the markets and then on a boat to get to where the cooking class is.  It’s a wonderful experience and a wonderful setting.  The guide we had was amazing, her English was excellent and her knowledge of herbs was so good she could which herbs here are similar ones in New Zealand.


Phuong 1 Tailor 

Getting clothes made up is addictive and ‘Phuon 1’ is one of the cheaper tailors. You can show the tailor a picture of what you want and he’ll draw it up with all the right measurements.  It cost $US 30 and it was better than we could have imagined. A friend of ours got something made up and then went back again and again she was like: “I’ll have this and that and one more of those”.  So addictive.


Visit the local market coz it’s not a supermarket, ay:

This is such an experience to see where your meat really comes from and everything else that lands on your table.  It’s getting down and dirty with the Vietnamese, I love it.






Best Cocktails:   Mango Rooms

Their Asian Infusion cocktails with fresh ingredients are incredible.  The staff bring you nibbles and the service is 5 star, you get treated like royalty.


Best beach:  Hidden Beach

It’s inbetween Cua Dai and An Bang and you can stay there for as long as you like as long as you buy a drink.


Best Night Out:  Soul Kitchen

It’s a place that suits all ages and where everyone feels at home.  We went with our mum and dads and aunties and kids and I reckon it was the best night in my whole life.  It’s not just Westeners who go there either, there’s Vietnamese as well and the setting overlooking the beach is magnificent.


Best Bar:  Dive Bar

Good live music, great atmosphere.


Activity Bike Tour

We highly recommend the Hoi An Motorbike Adventure tour, it was great to do and after that we hired our own bikes.

Complete the sentence:  You know you’ve lived in Vietnam a long time when…..  you run outside like an excited child at the sound of the Bun Bao cart coming down the road.


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