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A Luminary Life is an exciting find with its diverse therapeutic offerings. Its adventurous menu is geared towards the holistically-inclined with several niche treatments, as well as some well-known techniques such as Reiki, acupuncture, and osteopathy. The schedule frequently shifts to include new therapies aimed at enhancing individuals’ mental and physical wellbeing.

A Luminary Life edges Hoi An’s rural landscapes and emerald-green rice fields. Stepping into the center, it’s easy to imagine a beautiful process of healing and transformation taking place within a nurturing space. It’s clean and zen-like, awash with earthy colors and adorned with crystals and gemstones.

A Luminary Life: A Path to Wellness and Healing in Hoi An. Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Coaching

I’m told my visit includes a combined spinal breathwork and intuitive coaching session with Aaran, a healer, psychic and spiritual teacher who’s studied a fascinating array of holistic practices ranging from reiki to chakra balancing. An openness and sincerity emanate from Aaran, as he talks me through the techniques that he’ll be using.

Aaran guides me through a process of identifying and understanding what’s important to me and how to move towards my ‘purpose’. Talking therapy and coaching aren’t new to me – intuitive coaching resembles an integration of the two but feels less remote, more directive and penetrative. Aaran uses his intuition to ask the right kinds of questions that allow me to tap into my own intuition without feeling exposed. I feel supported and held.

Next comes the spinal breathwork, aimed at balancing the nervous system. Aaran instructs me to move my awareness up and down my spine with each breath, imagining that I’m slowly transporting a bundle of light. I sweep up from the base and ‘flush out’ stale energy from the top of my skull, before drawing fresh air back through my nostrils and down my spine. Several rounds are followed by a gentle spinal massage.

The Wash Up

The technique has a subtle but powerful effect akin to meditation, allowing me to connect to deeper parts of myself. I feel centered and rooted in my body, more present and perceptive. Later, a medley of emotions – some pleasant, some not – rise to the surface, which feels deeply cathartic.

My ninety-minute exchange with Aaran is insightful, engendering some interesting ideas and impressions. I’m eager to explore intuitive coaching further. I’d recommend it to those seeking a dynamic process; one that feels like a mix of talking therapy and practical and spiritual guidance.

A Luminary Life’s treatments and services aren’t cheap by local standards, but they will still fall into the affordable bracket compared to what you’d pay back home. The center regularly offers free workshops, so keep an eye out for announcements via its Facebook page.

Without pretension the healers, both local and international, are passionate about what they do and can really make a difference to people’s lives.

Hoi An’s peaceful atmosphere and languid pace make it a perfect backdrop for cultivating a spiritual or personal wellness practice. So, it’s no wonder that this cozy, little town is beginning to attract more and more expats looking for an alternative and healthful lifestyle. Could Hoi An become South East Asia’s next epicenter of spiritual and holistic healing?

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Ziba Redif

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