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Looking for somewhere to work off your daily dose of bánh mì?! Trying to fit into that dress you got made a size too small, telling yourself “soon, soon…”? Maybe you’re just one of those healthy types who favors a morning workout over a steaming coffee. We’re not jealous, we swear.


Luckily, in addition to being a wonderland for all things food and drink, Hoi An caters to fitness fans. From great-value public gyms to fitness centres at upmarket hotels, there’s plenty of places to work up a sweat and swim it off.


Tuan Toan Gyms & Fitness Centers may lead the pack in terms of cost but there’s a heap of others on offer too – some of which offer aerobics, yoga and dance classes in addition to equipment, swimming pools, saunas and spas. Here Superfit Hoi An is perhaps the most Western in style. Another option is Hoi An Muay Thai where the training required for traditional Thai boxing, 5k runs and yoga is all available.


Our advice? Check out our directory and visit a few gyms before you make a commitment. After all, according to your resolutions you’ll be spending a lot of time there…

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