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9.30am – 9pm (7 days)
69 Ly Thai To
+84 (0) 235 3992 369

The recently opened PURE Beauty SPA is primarily a Beauty Treatment Centre. As well as the usual massage, manicure and pedicure services on offer, there is an extensive array of treatments to be enjoyed using next-generation high tech equipment, all delivered in a pristine and professional environment.

Where to start …

Oily, Collagen, Acne facials, ‘Gentleman’s facials’ – the list goes on.  Nine types of massage treatment, eyelash extensions, tattoo removal, reflexology, body masks, steam baths, detox packages, laser hair removal, eyebrow tattooing and a contraption that looks like a tanning machine but offers whitening instead (don’t all rush at once!)

Pimples? wrinkles? blemishes? Not to worry, there is a potion for just about every skin imperfection imaginable – they’ve even got a – wait for it – chocolate mask treatment (hallelujah!)

The high-tech wrinkle reduction treatment, I am assured by Van (co-owner), is very powerful and works like magic – why is she scrutinizing my face like that?  But pushing for first place as  the most tempting treatment would have to be the elaborate and impressive fat reduction Lipo laser-treatment machine. A comfy bed attached to a sleek looking machine with flashing red laser beams versus hours in the gym? — no contest. I will research further!

And that’s still not all … why not visit Pure Beauty Spa and browse the many options for yourself. I opted for the 90-minute Vitamin C facial.

In a serene, pristine room my face enjoyed the deepest of deep cleanses. Something similar to a vacuum cleaner for the face slurped impurities to the surface, quite a powerful effect – goodbye blackheads! and then a lot of cleansing, massaging, dabbing and stroking ensued. Later a thick layer of luscious Vitamin C treatment was applied and I was left to contemplate life and the ceiling for 30 minutes …  more cleansing and toning and eventually the treatment finished up with a high-tech laser-massage ‘thingie’. My skin felt absolutely radiant and smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Two days later and it still feels fabulous so it was a very effective facial. The treatments are not cheap but they’re sophisticated and ultimately good value because they compare very favorably with the West and really work. I am now tempted to try out that wrinkle reduction, but maybe like decorating the house – you start with one room and then … where does it all end?

Written By
Claire Richmond

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