Na Spa Escape

Rejuvenate | Massage and Spas
9 am – 9 pm (Last booking: 8 pm)
100/5 Le Thanh Tong, Cam Chau
+84 (0) 913 484 852

Na Spa Escape does what it says on the tin; that is, it allows to you escape. Unlike the countless massage joints that populate Hoi An’s Old Town, this place provides a true retreat.

Set in the middle of the rice fields, Na Spa feels a world away from the bustle of town; even the cars, bikes and buses streaming down Hai Ba Trung in the distance can’t shatter the feeling of solitude.

Sipping a freshly-squeezed lemon juice on the porch outside, I tore my eyes away from the scenery long enough to select the Na Spa Signature Massage – an 80-minute full-body treatment that incorporates both Vietnamese and Swedish massage techniques, reflex therapy to the spine and feet, and a head massage to finish. Bliss.

The next 80 minutes passed in a lovely cloud of wooziness. Nya, my masseur,  began by kneading the areas on either side of my spine, with a nimble jump upon the bed to give her more power. After that, she began the Swedish part of the massage, using enough aromatherapy oils to give me a distinct ‘turkey basted’ feeling.

Everything in the spa – from the colors and music, to the views out the open shutters – nurtured me into a state of pure relaxation. (Plus the handy adjustable head hole in the bed was padded – so I didn’t emerge from the massage room feeling and looking like I’d slept on a ruler.)

In fact, it’s the only massage I’ve had in Vietnam that’s caused me to fall asleep; when Nya asked me to turn over halfway through I came very close to rolling off the bed in my dozy stupor.

If you want someone to pull and crack your bones until your back ache subsides, this may not be for you. But if you want an afternoon of true indulgence, where you can quieten your mind, relax your body and leave a different, rejuvenated person, you’ve found a great place to escape.

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Written By
Emma Sothern

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