Ma Spa

Rejuvenate | Massage and Spas
9am – 9pm
111B Thanh Tong Star St
+84 (0) 856 609 021

Ma Spa offers a touch of luxury in the peaceful rice paddies, just far enough from honking horns and the noise of the streets to ensure you get pampered in peace.   It’s a hidden gem and the start up 20% discount is available to all those who utter the magic words “Hoi An Now” when booking.

As with the endless supply of tailor shops, Hoi An offers a bewildering array of spas.  However, noisy, grubby, overpriced or indifferent are words that come to mind with many. The choices are easily reduced with a little research.

The owner at Ma Spa is aware of the competition and is determined to win customers over by offering the sort of professionalism you would expect from a five-star establishment and this, coupled with the glorious position in front of the rice paddies of Cam Chau, ensures a level of serenity hard to find on the busy streets of Hoi An.

Ma Spa is firmly on my short-list of favorites.  You can rely on ex-pats to spot a bargain and this place is starting to get quite a few regulars.  Everything is done so nicely.  The hot ginger and lemongrass tea, the après-treatment complimentary juice menu, and the discreet professional therapists create a pleasant ambience.

Ma Spa offers a range of massages, including hot stone, nail care, facials and foot massage.

Written By
Ile Marchesin

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