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La Luna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa

9am – 10pm
111 Ba Trieu Street

Soft music, trickling water and lovely Sunny (Tram) on reception welcomed me into La Luna Spa, a place that felt a world away from busy Bà Triệu outside. While reluctant to reach for the usual massage spa clichés, I really did feel like I’d entered an oasis of calm!

I went for The Signature Four Hands Massage; La Luna’s own “house special”. And special it was. I donned a silk robe and chose an essential oil for my massage as my feet enjoyed a ginger, sea salt and lemongrass bath. (For once, the foot soak wasn’t an excuse to call in a “therapist” from down the road. La Luna’s staff is actually onsite. Bonus.)

And the massage itself? Wow.

I ask you, what could be more relaxing than having ylang-ylang oil rubbed into your body by a talented therapist?

That’s right – having ylang-ylang oil massaged into your body by two talented therapists!

If you’ve never experienced the bliss of a double massage, you’re missing out. The only downside is you can’t focus on one soothing sensation because there are so many soothing sensations happening simultaneously. And that’s a pretty good complaint to have.

As “Lisa” (Phuong) eased knots from my neck and “Mary” (My) worked her magic on my feet, I thought I may as well have been bathing in champagne. It was the height of decadence. (But it was also International Women’s Day. And hell, if I was going to treat myself for all the c**p we put up with, it was a great way to do it!)

It’ll be hard to resist the signature treatment upon my return to La Luna Spa. But Lisa’s mini face massage, complete with scented hot towels, was so incredible that I think a facial is next on the menu.

One thing’s for certain: I’ll be back soon for this twice-as-special Hoi An massage.

Written By
Emma Sothern

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