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If you are looking for something truly unique, individual and interesting to take back home, head to shops like Villagecraft Planet in Phan Boi Chau Street.

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Cham Island: An Unspoilt Paradise

Spend the day snorkeling and exploring the lovely and unspoiled marine-protected Cham Islands, the least developed islands in Vietnam. Experience the islands as a day trip from Hoi An or an overnight stay in one of the rustic island homestays. Also the best spot for scuba diving enthusiasts. As well as the aquatic activities over the extraordinary coral reefs, eating and drinking, karaoke and shopping, parasailing/paragliding and motor bike rides all play their part on a visit to the Cham Islands. But it’s also a glorious opportunity to get away from it all if you move across the island away from the central landing point towards Bai Ong village and Bai Chuong Beach.



Getting around Hoi An is relatively easy as there are only a few main arterial roads – notably Hai Ba Trung (city to An Bang Beach) and Cua Dai Road (city to Cua Dai Beach). You can walk, grab a bicycle or a motor bike and find your way around without too much trouble. But ... Read more


Hoi An Cycling Tours

Bicycling in Hoi An: for amateur cyclists, Hoi An is particularly blessed! It’s flat as a tack, small, and far less traffic-scary than many other cities.


11 Coffee House

A few minutes’ walk across the Lantern Bridge from the Old Town on An Hoi, No 11 Coffee House is a chilled place to observe the hustle and bustle nearby from a peaceful distance.

Best Coffee Shops in Hoi An

Street Food Guide: Hoi An Food Safari

Hoi An Food Safari runs an exceptional, personalized food tour in Hoi An with a particular emphasis on street food.

Things to Do

Vy’s Market Restaurant And Cooking School

Everything, Vietnamese food-wise, is available at Ms Vy’s Market Restaurant and Cooking School. Choose from a wide selection of authentic and modern food.


Vinpearl Ice Skating Rink

When the heat’s overwhelming and the kids’ energy levels have gone through the Richter scale, it's time for Da Nang’s Vinpearl Land Ice-Skating Rink!

Hoi An With Kids
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