Ao Dai: The Vietnamese National Dress

The Vietnamese ao dai dress is one of the country’s national symbols. Consisting of a long tunic stretching from the neck to the calf, with a pair of trousers underneath, it’s as Vietnamese as conical hats, bowls of pho and a love of rice. Once a common garment worn by men and women across all ... Read more


Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Kim Bong Carpentry Village is located on Cam KIm Island, and it’s a showcase for one of Hoi An’s many traditional crafts. The town has a long history of arts and crafts, dating back over 500 years to when the region started to become a bustling trading port. As Hoi An turned into a major ... Read more


Non La: Conical Hats in Vietnam

Anyone with an interest in hats will know that every piece of headgear was built with a specific purpose in mind, and the Vietnamese conical hat is no exception. Known as non la in Vietnam, the conical hat is mostly worn by rice farmers, but you’ll see them worn by people in many professions if ... Read more


Rice Growing in Vietnam

Like everywhere in Vietnam, Hoi An sits within a cluster of rice fields. Across the country, rice is an integral part of Vietnamese culture, and part of the national staple diet. Vietnam is the world’s seventh-largest consumer of rice – it’s a relatively small country compared to some of its neighbors – and in 2019 ... Read more


Hoi An’s Top 5 Museums

With its picturesque Old Town, river, coastline and countryside, Hoi An is a bustling paradise for tourists. But just a few centuries ago, the region bustled in a different way, being a major trading port. The Thu Bon River, running through the middle of the city, was a hub of trading for silk, ceramics, spice ... Read more


Museum of Trade Ceramics

The Museum of Trade Ceramics is one of several ancient houses that can be visited in Hoi An’s Old Town. The majority of the city’s yellow-painted houses date back to the French colonial era, whereas the ancient houses – often made from timber – reflect the area’s history as a major trading port. As well ... Read more


Van Duc Pagoda in Hoi An

Van Duc is one of Hoi An’s oldest pagodas, dating back to the 1600s. It is dedicated to Buddha and houses statues of Avalokitecvara Bodhisattva, Dia Tang Bodhisattva and Amitabha Buddha within its three chambers. Although the building is outside of the Old Town, it has been painted in the same yellow hue as many ... Read more


Hoi An’s October Floods 2020: Interviews with Tran Thanh Duc and Travis Fennell

Just after Hoi An experienced the first big storms of 2020, we spoke with two local business owners about their experiences – the preparation, clean-up and comparisons with previous floods. Tran Thanh Duc has three restaurants in the Old Town – Mango Mango, Mango Rooms and Mai Fish – whereas Travis Fennell’s Salt Pub and ... Read more

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