Prime Steakhouse is the newest steakhouse in Hoi An. It’s managed and run by chef Sau and co-owner Eddie, whose successful Hoi An Steakhouse has wowed all-comers since 2017.This steak empire is being built by young guys with high passion and great dedication to their own concept. Come and enjoy the best fresh Australian steak in Vietnam in air-conditioned comfort!

Prime Steakhouse and Hoi An Steakhouse. Hoi An restaurants

The Taste of Home

If you travel around the beautiful country of Vietnam, you will try many different regional foods from the north to the south including noodles, rice pancakes and morning glory etc. After a while this can become a little overwhelming or monotonous for some visitors, and a craving for the taste of home takes hold. Know the feeling?


Enter Prime Steakhouse.


The steaks, imported from New South Wales, Australia, are very high quality. And Chef Sau has over 10 years’ experience cooking in 5-star hotels, notably The Four Seasons Resort. Meals are prepared just as requested: rare means rare!


Choose between 200g or 300g steaks depending on your appetite. A 200g fillet mignon ($16.50) that comes with crispy baby potato and your choice of sauce: pepper, blue cheese, garlic butter and red wine is as good value as anywhere in the country.

Exemplary Customer Service

That extra feeling of well-being, enjoyment and relaxation is what makes a visit to Hoi An’s new premium venue, Prime Steakhouse Restaurant, an unforgettable one. A young and highly vibrant team attentively keep an eye out for your every need, yet all diners are treated like family in a relaxed manner. The overall blend of experience and youthful passion conjures up an exceptional experience.

Prime Steakhouse and Hoi An Steakhouse. Hoi An restaurants. Steak sizzling on the grill

Not Only Steak

There are starters, soups, salads and 4 mains other than steak. The range isn’t massive as the focus is on maintaining quality at every turn. But if steak is not for you, exceptional fish, chicken, lamb and tiger prawn dishes will beckon anyone looking for a quality meal.

Hours | 9am – 9pm

Address | 84 Nguyen Phuc Tan

Facebook | @primesteakhouse84

Telephone | +84 (0)37 488 5868


In Hoi An there are over 700 Vietnamese restaurants but there are only two genuine steakhouses. Before the opening of sister restaurant, Prime Steakhouse, Hoi An Steakhouse had quickly established itself as Hoi An’s premier steak venue. Its successful formula of imported Australian beef, tenderloin and rib-eye, alongside a fine array of side-dishes – think crispy baby potatoes with onion herb butter, salads and grilled vegetables – proved to be incredibly popular. And its superb selection of sauces – red wine, pepper, blue cheese and creamy garlic butter – provided a classy finish.


Those who dined at Hoi An Steakhouse came back again and again and continue to do so to the present day.


At Hoi An Steakhouse, as it is with Prime Steakhouse, Chef Sau’s ten years’ experience in 5-star resorts means rare means rare, well-done means well-done and there is no compromise on ingredients.

Exemplary Customer Service

Meanwhile front-of-house is overseen by stylish co-owner, Eddie, at both venues. Eddie also brings his extensive resort experience ensuring exemplary customer service at every turn.


Simply put, Hoi An Steakhouse and Prime Steakhouse are the only restaurants serving imported steak in Hoi An where visitors can be assured their needs will be met, indeed their expectations are routinely exceeded when it comes to this taste of home.

More Than Just Steak

There is much more than steak at Hoi An Steakhouse. There is a fine array of chicken and pork dishes, pastas and pizzas, seafood, salads and luncheon fare like steak sandwiches, fish and chips, burgers and sandwiches. And, out of this list, plenty of vegetarian options emerge for non-meat eaters.


Importantly, given the high-quality imported produce, this exceptional fare is very reasonably priced.

Hours | 12pm – 10pm

Address | 11 Phan Boi Chau

Facebook | @Hoi An Steakhouse

Telephone | +84 (0)90 1907 868


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