Hoi An

Emma Ricketts

My Ten Best

aubergine 49, hoi an, international western food restaurant
Fusion Mojito Bar, Hoi An. cocktails Hoi An Old Town
Paddys Irish Pub, Hoi An, swimming pool,



  • Fusion Mojito Cocktail Bar  The views are great and you are in the Old Town but away from the chaos. The Mojitos are sensational.


  • Food Tour I recommend Safari Barney . He’s offering a unique tour with small groups and as he’s English-speaking can explain things really well. He knows everything about food and knows how to access places most people wouldn’t even know about.



  • Soul Kitchen It’s great for the beach and is a wonderful setting to watch the sunset over a few sundowners.


  • The Food Market  They have great Cau Lao and the food is fresh with lots of flavor and really good and cheap. You get a sense of real Vietnam and even if you’re into fine dining, you can still enjoy the food here.




  1. Best restaurant L’Aubergine 49
    The best value for money is the set 3 course meal. The quality of the food is as good as you’ll get in any top restaurant around the world. The customer service is excellent and the drinks are cheap.


  1. Best night out Sunday Brunch and onward
    Start at one of the Sunday brunches either Victoria (make link) or the once-a-month Almanity  (which is my favorite for the party atmosphere that’s created plus the setting is glorious). Then on to any of the bars on An Hoi followed by either by the Why Not Bar or my favorite, One Love .


  1. Best value for money The Kebab Shack
    The prices are so cheap, the quality of food’s good and the portions are generous, plus with owner Tim around, there’s great customer service.


  1. Best for kids Paddy’s swimming poolI can drink while they play in the pool and after that perhaps a game on the pool table or two.


  1. Best coffee Dingo Deli
    The Lavaza coffee is great and the atmosphere is good.  It’s got great wifi and their food (Western) is as good as any you’ll get in Sydney.

Do you know the Prime Minister, President & People’s party Leader in Vietnam?

No but one of them is probably called Nguyen.



Finish the sentence:  You know you’ve lived in Vietnam a long time when…. you think paying more than a dollar for a beer is a rip off!


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