Phuoc Lavender Spa Hoi An: Is this the new “Best Massage in Hoi An?” Maybe.


Lavender… the name alone evokes feelings of restfulness and peace even before entering the calm interior and pastel portals of this latest addition to the Hoi An spa scene. In a hushed and comfortable environment, bliss is dispensed on all counts.


The music is low and unobtrusive, the seats are comfortable, and the staff are professional. Let the pampering begin! As you lay back in comfort, your feet bathed in warm fragrant wooden bowls filled with herbs – lavender among them, presumably – you are made to feel like an honoured guest. It’s a nice feeling, to be pampered, well looked after, and special… after all, the massage is just part of the whole experience: being spoilt rotten is equally important! After perusing the massage menu and discussing your chosen treatments and the wheres, whats, and hows, you are led upstairs for an hour or two of unadulterated pleasure.

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As for prices, they’re mid-range, and there are treatments to suit all tastes.  I had the 90-minute hot stone treatment, which ran me about $25 USD, coupled with the deep relaxation. The hot stones were pleasant – this was my first hot stone massage experience, although I would say that in this climate, even despite the air conditioning, I’d save that particular treatment for the colder months. If you think 90 minutes is too long, trust me – it isn’t.  But that’s just my point of view as an avid massage lover.


So, Phuoc Lavender Spa Hoi An: altogether a very pleasurable experience, and a real treat for expats, locals, and tourists alike.  Jump in a taxi or hop on a bike and spoil yourself rotten.


Prices for the the most popular massage treatments run from about $15 (60 minutes) to $30 (90 minutes).  To book an appointment or find out more, Phuoc Lavender Spa Hoi An can be reached at the number and email address below, and the manager’s name is Hà.

I can only vouch for the pleasure-dispensing Xuân, she of the magic hands. Dreamy! Firm – but the nice, smooth sort of firm, not the ready-to-flinch kind – smooth, deep, satisfying. So good, in fact, that I fell asleep. Tragic! How long for? I don’t know, but I cheated myself out of precious minutes of intensely satisfying massage. Intensely satisfying as it was, however, do Phuoc Lavender Spa Hoi An’s services merit the title of Hoi An’s best?


I have had many massages, some poor, some average, some great. But to date, this latest one tops the list, and Xuân is my new leading lady. Yes, this was the best massage I’ve had in Hoi An, and I’ve had a few (…as the actress said to the bishop)!


Phuoc Lavender Spa Hoi An has actually been around for a while, but it has relocated to a new tucked-away, and pretty secluded, spot not far off the Cua Dai Road. Barely a sound can be heard, except for the occasional crow of a rooster or the low moan of a distant water buffalo, and this location is far more conducive to a spa experience than a busy main road. Not as easy to find, perhaps, but once you do, the extra effort is worth it.  Apparently, Phuoc Lavender already has a large following of ex-pats who swear it’s the best; hopefully they will find their way to the new and improved spot.

Hours | 10am – 9pm, 7 days per week

Address | 107 Tran Nhan Tong Street, Cam Chau, Hoi An

Email | [email protected]

Facebook | @Phuoc Lavender Spa

Telephone | +84 (0) 353 5865

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