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Pharmacies in Hoi An and Da Nang

Vietnam is an over-the-counter, no prescription required, haven for people requiring medication from pharmacies. However, always check the expiry date and also be aware that sometimes these drugs are counterfeit (though Hoi An Now staff have never experienced this).


The name for a chemist in Vietnam is ‘NhaThuoc’ (Nyah Too-uk).

There are many reliable pharmacies in Hoi An; below are recommended as honest in their pricing is:

Huy Hoang – Hoi An
268 Ly Thuong Kiet

This is the largest chemist in Hoi An so for hard to get medication you may like to try here first.  They also, like Phuoc Thien in Da Nang, provide receipts so you know you are getting honest pricing.

BinhThuan Pharmacy – Hoi An 
115 Tran Hung Dao
+84 (0) 916 894 258

The owner is Ms Linh who worked for 7 years with the largest pharmacy in Hoi An before opening her own shop. She has a good range of medicines and will phone other pharmacies if she hasn’t got what you need.


In terms of hard to get medications, try Phuoc Thien in Da Nang. This is a well- known pharmacy amongst local Vietnamese and is where the Family Medical Practice send their patients. To ensure they have your medication, get a Vietnamese friend to ring prior to going

Phuoc Thien – Da Nang
322 HùngVương (opposite Da Nang’s Big C supermarket)
Da Nang.
+84 236 3689 977
Hours: 8am – 9pm, 7 days a week


If you can’t get your medication in Hoi An you will get it here.  Famous among Vietnamese and expats, as the ‘go to’ chemist for anything hard to get.  Always check though before making the journey to Da Nang that they do have what you are looking for.  Ask a Vietnamese friend to phone them.

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