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Redbridge Restaurant & Cooking School

Redbridge Restaurant and Cooking School, Hoi An, cooking classes, food, tours and activities

Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen, An Bang Beach, Hoi An, musicians, live music, bars and nightlife, beach, kids

Cam Thanh Coconut Palm Village

Cam Thanh Coconut Palm Village, Hoi An, activities and tours, bike rides



Mango Mango is the best restaurant in Vietnam.  I’d always take someone here.  The food is unlike anywhere else in the country, it’s totally unique.  Duc (the owner) has taken Vietnamese food up a half stop.  It’s true fine dining; other restaurants serve food he serves art.


Redbridge Cooking School coz it’s hilarious and even if you don’t like cooking, it’s still a great day and one I’ve done  about 90 times and still enjoy.


Sunday night Jam Session at Soul Kitchen:  It’s the most fun of the week in a stunning location with great food and atmosphere.


Day trip to Elephant Springs via Lang Co:  It’s a pristine river in the middle of the jungle.


Motorbike ride around the countryside:  I recommend riding towards Redbridge, left through the water coconut plantation then on to Cua Dai towards An Bang for a beer.  Back via Tra Que for a look around and then follow the pathway along the rice paddies.  It’s interesting. See map.





Best restaurant:    Well apart from Mango Mango, there’s so many that I like.  It depends what you are looking for, if it’s authentic Vietnamese food then Miss Vy’s Market Restaurant and Cooking School.  There’s no msg and she knows how to pick from the markets.  It’s always good when you go there.  If it’s Indian, well don’t go past Ganesh.  The food is stunning, probably because it’s on par with the best in the world.  And then there’s the Cargo Club, Mermaid …


Best for kids:     Dingo Deli – it’s terrific for kids with the playground outside and all the activities that Gordon and Michelle organize for kids like the art classes, games room at the Sports Bar…  And if you’re looking for comfort food in a comfortable environment, this is your place.


Best night out:  Soul Kitchen.  It’s a great location.  Everywhere feels crammed in but here you’ve got space to wander around, go down to the beach, go to the bar, have a beer.


Best Bar:    White Marble Bar coz it’s cosy and you feel like you’re in the centre of Hoi An when you sit upstairs and overlook the road.


Best Tailor:        Yaly and Miss Thi (Thien Thi Tailor, 11 Pham Boi Chau).  All the tailors are much of a muchness so all you need is someone honest and Miss Thi is honest.  For the big stuff like suits I’d probably go to Yaly for the materials, they can also afford to give you a guarantee.

Paul’s advice for Shoes…  ‘They are all consistently inconsistent… you’ve got shoes that last three months or the last pair I had made with Rebok on the soul  and Nike on the side – which was awesome – they lasted two weeks.’



Complete the sentenceYou know you ‘ve lived in Vietnam a long time when…. you achieve residency.


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