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Olaplex: Hoi An Now Travel Guide to Money Saving

Olaplex: Hoi An Now Travel Guide to Money Saving

Olaplex: Hoi An Now Travel Guide to Money Saving

Where can I get this miracle treatment? At this stage the only hair dresser in town that has Olaplex is Tuan Boy.  However, A. Nho has a similar and cheaper product so if you are more interested in price, perhaps you should check this salon out first.

About Olaplex

This ‘revolution in hair care’ first became popular in 2015 – hailed as a miracle for colored, damaged or even just tired and middle-aged hair, Olaplex is one step beyond a conditioning treatment. It doesn’t just make the hair LOOK better: it physically repairs it from the inside out. Even if you don’t color your hair, any damage from blow-drying, the sun, the sea: Olaplex presses the reset button and makes your hair stronger, healthier and helps it grow faster. It’s a two-step treatment, taking half an hour in total. In the US, UK and Europe you can expect to pay  US$50 upwards for the treatment.


Tuan Boy

Add: 148 Nguyen Truong To St (close to the traffic lights on Tran Hung Dao)
Tel: +84 (0) 905 381597
Hours: 8am to 7.30pm / 7 days

Price: 500,000vnd ($US22)

hoi an now mascot for tips and pointersTell Tuan Boy or his staff that you are friends with Hoi An Now and make sure he agrees to  the price above before commencing the treatment!

A. Nho 

Add: 27 Dinh Tien Hoang
Tel:  +84 (0) 914692009
Hours: 8.30am – 8.30pm / 7 days per week

Price guide:  300,000 – 400,000vnd ($US13 – 18)     

hoi an now mascot for tips and pointers


Nho cannot speak English very well but if you say that you want Alphaplex or Wellaplex he will understand.

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