An international homeschool with fundamentally unique learning experience, Merlin’s Homeschool offers an alternative learning experience to mainstream schooling for children 4-12 years of age.


We believe students can direct their own learning with guidance from the teacher. Core subjects: Maths, English, Science and Global Perspectives are taught using a project-based model. This offers students a realistic, current and holistic way of understanding the subjects.


Project-based learning inspires children to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, researchers, but most importantly, it empowers them to engage fully in their learning experience, finding the joy.


This unique school places emphasis on creative awareness and the ability for each child to realise their ‘dreams’.


Students will also participate in a collective ‘living project’. This might include, working with rescue animals at one of  our animal shelters, growing their salad items for lunch, cleaning up our local beach,  or working with children who need support, by reading or playing and helping create resources.

Merlin’s Homeschool offers all the extras that make up a daily life. We include, cooking, sewing, designing, photography, along with dancing, swimming, sports, music, painting, drama and field excursions to places that inspire these activities.


Merlin’s Homeschool is tucked in amongst the marble statues at Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountain) 6 minutes from the local beach. This location is well-positioned for both Da Nang and Hoi An residents. Still in the early stages of set up, the children are able to create a school that reflects their ideas and imaginations.


Merlin’s Homeschool will remain small to enable students and teachers  to be fully engaged in the learning experience, and to give each child the time and support needed to accomplish great things.


by Peta Clare

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