Hoi An Accommodation for Expats

Some people come to Hoi An, find a homestay and remain there. Others, particularly those looking for longer-term accommodation in Hoi An, usually want to rent.

Renting a house in Hoi An is relatively straightforward. You can go through a real estate agent or directly through the owner. Prices vary depending on what you are looking for but as a rough gauge: a modern, two-bedroom house with Western facilities will rent for around $US 500 per month. Of course, you can find much cheaper properties but that is down to luck in terms of how you find out about it – or your negotiation skills.

Landlords usually like 6 months’ rent in advance but some will agree to 3 months’. If you intend to stay for a while, you might consider signing a one year lease as you can often negotiate a cheaper rental price. Some expats suggest a much longer lease to their landlords (5 years in some cases) but the agreed rent is still paid every six months. When landlords have an assured tenant for some time they are usually happy to reduce the rent.

The Vietnamese have a different view of privacy than foreigners. A Vietnamese landlord may think it is fine to turn up at the house at any time of day unannounced. If the idea of this doesn’t quite appeal to you, make sure your contract mentions the need to make appointments before they can visit.

If you see a rather prominent altar in the house – ask if the landlords need to come into the house to pray. Whilst nearly all premises (houses, offices, shops) in Vietnam have a small altar which Vietnamese use to make offerings to their ancestors, you may find the one in the family home is of particular importance. Thus, the need for landlords to enter their houses, regardless of who is currently living there, may not be something they think is unusual. If this worries you, make sure you stipulate in the contract that they are not allowed to come in, or restrict the times and days they can.

Hoi An’s Real Estate Agents

Nha Toi

Ha Pham : 090 5628648
(Nha Toi is the only licensed Real Estate company in Hoi An. They  organise house rentals, room rentals and property sales. We highly recommend you contact them first and if they do not have what you are looking for then try the various agents & suggestions below.)

Central Vietnam Realty

Call Piotr on 0934 891 746
(CVR is a Da Nang property agent. They list apartments, houses, villas, office rentals, vacation rentals, and property sales advice. However, all Hoi An enquiries are dealt with by Nha Toi.)

Facebook Pages

We urge everyone to make Nha Toi their first point of contact. Whilst most Vietnamese landlords are very pleasant to deal with some can be difficult. Going through an agent provides protection and removes the language barrier. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for through Nha Toi then keep your eyes on the Facebook pages below.  Houses for rent are frequently advertised on these.  You can also post an ad. (New pages/groups are always popping up, so search “Hoi An Expats” on Facebook to find more).

Hoi An/Da Nang Real Estate

Danang Hoian Expats

Updated April 2019

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