Travel Update: Flights from Da Nang

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With lockdown easing early September and more than a full week passing by without any new Covid transmissions, here’s a quick update for anyone with travel plans.

Buses and trains are now running, but health declarations may need to be completed depending on the service.

Internal flights are now available from Da Nang. The wearing of masks is mandatory and passengers have to fill out a health declaration form in advance. This can be done online but there are also options to complete the form at the airport. Temperature checks are also completed for passengers before boarding the plane.

News on international flights is minimal but there are several rumors that flights to Vietnam’s neighbors are due to resume in the near future. For now, one-way flights to Japan are available on September 18th, 25th and 30th.

You do not need a negative Covid test result to fill out a health declaration – this is simply a questionnaire on your current state of health; some may also ask for your recent travel background. Anyone in Hoi An with a tourist visa has an automatic stay extension until September 30th.

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