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Xenia & Juergen Joost, La Ferme, Hoi An

A smiling face ensconced in the Hoi An social scene, Jürgen Joost came to Hoi An from Talinn, Estonia with his wife Xenia and two children.  One of only two Estonian families living in Vietnam, the Joost family has been on a constant adventure for the past two years.  Jürgen worked in Talinn as a web developer and fashion photographer before making the move to Vietnam in 2014.  He now works closely with his wife Xenia, a fashion designer at Yaly Couture, photographing many of her designs and fashion events around Vietnam while continuing his web design business.

What are the five best things to do

with a visiting friend?

Strolling in Old Town at dusk 

My favorite thing to do in Hoi An is just stroll through the Old Town.  I never get tired of the beauty.  I suggest walking when the sun has just got down without a program. Explore all of the small places that interest you.

Enjoy the local dishes

One thing that I really love about Hoi An is the easy access to delicious local food. Great dishes can be found at all price ranges. From extremely cheap street food at the stalls around the Central Market to mid-range and upscale restaurants like Pho Xua or Hoa Hien there is always something delicious to eat in Hoi An. 

Go for a bicycle ride in the quiet parts of town

Hoi An is a very nice town for bike riding. I enjoy riding my bike around Cam Kim island and in the quiet neighborhoods around Cua Dai bridge.

Go for a family outing on Cham Island

If you are coming to Hoi An with children I suggest taking a trip to Cham Island. There are many private places where families can enjoy the beach relatively undisturbed.  To organize this kind of outing I suggest contacting the Cham Island Diving Center.

Shoot the breeze at Dingo Deli

I don’t know where I would be without Dingo Deli. For me this is where everything began. Michele and Gordon have been so instrumental in my move to Hoi An. I can always rely on Dingo Deli for a quality coffee and nice, safe place for my children to play.

Hoi An Old Town River Early Morning
Cham island, landscape 3_opt

And here are my top five favorites around town!

Quick Guide to Cocktails, hoi an, fusion mojito bar
Yaly Couture, Hoi An, Vietnam, tailor shops, tailors

Best restaurant: Hoa Hien

Hoa Hien is my favorite restaurant in Hoi An.  Everything I have ever ordered has been delicious and it has a very beautiful ambiance with lots of color and a nice view of the river.

Best Tailor: Yaly Couture

I have to say that everything I have had made from Yaly has been perfect. They are very professional tailors who will always provide me with the best service in town.

Best activity: Paddle boarding

During the warm months my wife, Xenia, and I really enjoy paddle boarding on the river at sunrise.  It is very quiet and peaceful.

Best Bar for Cocktails: Fusion Café

I don’t drink cocktails often but I am amazed at how delicious the Mojitos at Fusion Café are.  While they are somewhat expensive, I think the rich flavor is worth the price.

Best Coffee: Espresso Station

During my time in Hoi An my morning coffee has become a ritual. Vietnamese coffee is great; when I went home to Estonia I couldn’t stand the coffee. I think the best coffee in town is found at the Espresso Station. I go there at least twice every day for a cappuccino. If my family comes with me they like to order coconut coffee and some of their fantastic cakes.

Finish this sentence:

You know you’ve been living in Vietnam a long time when…?

When you eat food in one of the red children’s sized seats.  As a European I could never imagine myself having a meal sitting in one of these chairs.  I have learned to not care about the environment that I eat in as long as the food is good quality.

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