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In Hue, most drinking takes place in eateries – from the refined to the hose out style – but in both cases food is always part and parcel of the evening . Nevertheless, a handful of dedicated drinking spots have sprung up where the drinking comes first and food may or may not play a part.

Backpackers $$
Backpackers (2)A pheromone dance spilt into the street mixed with a dizzy range of daily bar specials and pub activities. Happy hours, shitty shirt and dress night and beer Olympics set the tone at backpackers. The Pub food was above average though not exactly budget ranging from burgers and sandwiches, through pizza and pasta options to fish and chips alongside a few Asian favourites. If you’re looking for the young scene, this affordable hostel is the place to come. It closes early, around 10pm most nights, but serves as a lively launching pad for those looking to make a night of it.
Add: 10 Pham Ngu Lao
Tel: +84 (0)234 382 6567
Email: [email protected]

Gecko Pub $$
Gecko (2)Gecko Pub is a funky, friendly courtyard bar that keeps drawing a mob including some young Vietnamese. The European/Asian menu is serviceable, not exciting, but it’s a good place to make a pit stop, have a snack, take a load off and chill. The music makes Westerners feel right at home, spoken English quality is above the norm, and the youthful staff approach their work with zest and fun. On my visits they have always managed to lift my mood.
Add: 9 Pham Ngu Lao
Tel: +84 (0)234 3933 407

Liberty Bar and Restaurant $
Liberty Bar and Restaurant (2)Bob Marly bounced at just the right level throwing out a welcome chill-out away from the throng; the even lighting set just right. Several reviewers have noted Liberty Bar’s cool music selections and they’re right. It’s a bar with solid, cheap Vietnamese food rather than the other way round and good value for the budget conscious – 40,000 – 60,000 VND is all you need to coat your stomach and there’s plenty for vegetarians. The walls are covered with personal messages and wise epigrams like ‘if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space’. For those on a budget and drinkers and pool players who are sensible enough to eat.
Add: 19/34 Nguyen Tri Phuong
Phone: +84 (0)935 330 450
Email: [email protected]

Why Not Bar $
Why Not Bar (2)A venue for drinking, dining, pool and football on the big screen. Even your kids can get a pool game here as the spacious outdoor area above the street attracts most. For food, sister venue Jalapeno shares menu and services (see Jalapeno). Some prefer to eat the shared menu here for there’s a bar buzz, more outdoor seating and an elevated position perfect for ogling the passing parade on Pham Ngu Lao. Following a different tack, many who start drinking at Backpackers move on here and, if they’re still lively at closing, finish at Hue’s only expat-friendly club, Brown Eyes – a well-worn trail. Recently dropped beer prices to 15,000 VND to try to match new competitors.
Add: 46 Pham Ngu Lao
Ph: +84 (0)234 3824 793
Email: [email protected]

DMZProminently positioned on the corner of Le Loi and Pham Ngu Lao the DMZ is a perfect spot to sit, knock back a couple and soak up the passing throng, either at street level or from the upstairs veranda. Given its special relationship with Little Italy Restaurant a wide range of Italian cuisine is on offer and the best option from a somewhat overwhelming menu. Cruisy before dinner, and lively after when some serious pool may be had. An iconic landmark in the heart of the tourist district.
Add: 60 Le Loi Street
Tel: +84 (0)234 3823 414


Email: [email protected]

Le’s Garden Bar
Le's Garden (2)I don’t reckon the kitchen has it quite right here but it’s a nifty garden bar with plenty of elbow room so come for a drink and stick to nibbles while you have a few. Hookah pipes are available for those who fancy communal smoking and there’s plenty of attentive staff who are trying hard but when I asked the bar manager for contact details she told me to look on Facebook. This response somehow typified the experience.
Add: 14 Pham Ngu Lao
Email: [email protected]

Little Owl Pub & Restaurant $$
Little Owl (2)Launched just mid-2014 Little Owl has landed on its feet, often pulling a mob when neighbours are struggling. Lots of western pub food like burgers and pizza on one hand, Hue specialties on the other. My thick burger was good value, cooked medium retaining flavour and moisture for a change. From the street it’s intriguing: wood everywhere, split levels perfect for people watching, contemporary pop rather than old classics, open plan half in/half out and sport TV no sound. Food is budget priced but the extensive drink menu is mid-priced. One bizarre promotion offers a bottle of Jameson’s, three cans of ginger ale and a fruit plate for 750,000 VND.
Add: 35 Vo Thi Sau
Phone: +84 (0) 91 400 6847
Email: [email protected]

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