For many visitors to Vietnam the local food is a marvel. But there often comes a time when you just have to have a fix from home – a change from the dominant noodle and rice dishes. Enter Hoi An Steakhouse.


 In Hoi An there are over 700 Vietnamese restaurants but there is only one genuine steakhouse.

Great Aussie Steaks

Hoi An Steakhouse. Rare Steak

Imported Australian beef – Tenderloin and Rib-Eye – leads the way complemented by a fine array of side-dishes – think crispy baby potatoes with onion herb butter, salads and grilled vegetables. Sauces are red wine, pepper, blue cheese and creamy garlic butter.


Those who dine at Hoi An Steakhouse come back again and again. Co-owner and Chef, Sau, with over 10 years experience in 5-star resorts, prepares meals just as they’re ordered – rare means rare, well-done means well-done and there is no compromise on ingredients.

Exemplary Customer Service

Hoi An Steakhouse. Table setting

Meanwhile front-of-house is overseen by stylish co-owner, Eddie, who brings his extensive resort experience ensuring exemplary customer service at every turn.


Simply put, Hoi An Steakhouse is the only restaurant seving imported steak in Hoi An where visitors can be assured their needs will be met, indeed their expectations are routinely exceeded when it comes to this taste of home.

More than Just Steak

Hoi An Steakhouse. Pasta
Hoi An Steakhouse. Chicken Cordon Bleu

There is much more than steak at Hoi An Steakhouse. There is a fine array of chicken and pork dishes, pastas and pizzas, seafood, salads and luncheon fare like steak sandwiches, fish and chips, burgers and sandwiches. And, out of this list, plenty of vegetarian options emerge for non-meat eaters.


Importantly, given the high-quality imported produce, the prices are very reasonable. Check out the menu below …

What They Say About Hoi An Steakhouse on Trip Advisor

If you’re missing the taste and texture of a great steak then this is the place. We ate twice at Hoi An Steak House and both times the steaks were awesome

Karen Cardoo


 at $15.00 for an Australian tenderloin I thought that was very good value, some places charge 400 to 500 thousand vn dong

Tony Shepherd


Great AUSSIE steak and veggies, service is amazing!

Chloe D


Presentation beautiful, steak delicious and leek and potato soup among the best ever 

David wWr


The steaks were perfectly cooked with delicious sides and easily passed as a great Australian steak restaurant.



Been in Vietnam a week and – whisper it- we needed something that didn’t involve noodles. They don’t disappoint- great tasty steak, lovely veg, good wine list- and delightful service. Well done and thank you.


Hours: 12pm – 10pm

Add: 11 Phan Boi Chau

Tel: +84 (0)90 1907 868

FB: Hoi An Steakhouse 


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