There are not too many places in the world where you can pick up a custom-made suit for $US100 – 200.

Yaly Couture, Hoi An, Vietnam, tailor shops, tailors

There are three strands of tailors in Hoi An: the high-end tailors such as Be Be, Yaly, Oche, Thu Thuy and A-Dong Silk. You will find a large selection of wonderful fabrics in these shops and wonderful facilities and customer service.  The next strand is the mid-range tailors on every corner of Hoi An.  While they do not have the fabulous choice of material the upper-end displays, the tailoring is often very good and they are cheaper.  The cheapest tailors in town are those to be found in the Cloth Market.  You can get good and bad tailoring in all of these venues.


You will find many reviews on Trip Advisor about people’s ‘favourite’ tailors.  It’s pretty subjective.  

A Dong Silk, Hoi An Vietnam, tailors, hoi an tailors,NOTE:

 🙄 Choosing the right material for your garment is everything!

 😕 Even if your sales girl speaks excellent English it does not mean she understands what you want.  Check, check and check again.  

 😀 Even though it’s expensive I still love the ‘experience’ of the high-end tailors.


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