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Hoi An is home to more than 600 tailors but some like Yaly Couture manage to stand out from the crowd. Here is our complete guide to Yaly Couture in Hoi An, a shop that’s been around for more than 20 years and has its own cutters and tailors in-house.

Yaly Couture Overview

While you can definitely find tailors in Hoi An that are willing to make you a custom suit or dress in just a few hours, at a really low cost, you do get what you pay for. So instead of choosing a cheap garment that you can probably wear just a few times before you have to throw it away, dig a little deeper in your pockets and choose a piece that you can wear for years.


When having a custom-made garment done, the overall process is pretty much the same. You choose the design and material, go for a fitting or two, then pay for your items once they’re done and you don’t want to make any more adjustments.

However, the quality of the material, the sewing and the stitching, as well as the experience of the tailor make all the difference and this is where Yaly Couture steps in.

The experienced tailors at Yaly will assist with every step of your purchase and will recommend the right garments for the shape of your body, as well as the best fabric to use for them. Even though you might prefer a specific material for your dress, we highly advise you to let them choose it for you, if you want a high-end product.

After making all these decisions, it’s time for your first fitting. Then, depending on the complexity of the item, you will have one or two additional fittings within 24 – 48 hours. Once the final fittings are complete, you will make the payment and leave with your purchase.


As for the price, it really depends on the design you chose, but as a guideline, expect to pay between 30 and 120 USD for a man’s shirt, and 100 USD and up for a woman’s dress or a man’s suit.

Yaly Couture Review

With personal sales assistants, sprawling premises, onsite ATMs, private waiting rooms, and a fabulous range of fabrics, Yaly Couture is one of the most impressive tailors in town.

Renowned for its exquisite, fashionable, made-to-measure clothes, Yaly Couture is one of the few tailors in Hoi An that has exhibited its craftsmanship on the catwalk. Their fashion shows are a Hoi An highlight and testament to both originality of design as well as craft. The staff are trained by native English speakers, not just in language but also in customer service, tailoring and fabric knowledge.

There are three Yaly Couture showrooms with the one on 47 Tran Phu Street, right in the heart of the Old Town, being a favorite among travelers. Large, flowing premises are divided into three sections that contain row after row of all imaginable types of material. Fitting rooms with sleek, regal-red curtains billow as you pass, a private waiting room with vast catalogues of clothes patterns, and, of course, your own assigned personal assistant. To say Yaly Couture is a slick establishment is an understatement – just check out their website!

In conclusion, with so many tailors in Hoi An, the overall question is whether you would go back and the answer for Yaly Couture is a strong “yes”.

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