Miss Forget Me Not

Hoi An Shopping | Tailors
9am – 9pm, 7 days per week
37 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An Old Town
+84 (0) 90 654 30 75

Highly recommended for cheap, good quality tailoring, Miss Forget Me Not is also highly commended for her integrity and helpful approach to tourists. One of the cheapest tailors in Hoi An Old Town, who’s garnered rave reviews on Trip Advisor, Miss Forget Me Not has also polarized a handful with a manner that refuses to pander.

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“Please take your shoes off,” the diminutive Miss Forget Me Not instructed reproachfully, peering at my sandshoes. Yes, it’s the custom, but it wasn’t quite the reception I was expecting. These days, most sellers jostle tourists through the door like sheepdogs snapping at strays. It didn’t get much better: “Don’t park your bike there, put it on the pavement,” she said with a schoolmarm stare. I’d read only great things about her online so was taken aback by her frosty attitude.

“All the tailor shops give commission to the hotels, and the hotels call me regularly to do the same,” she tells me in the manner of one who regularly reels this off. “I’m not adding 40% to my prices just to pay them.” This straight approach to tourists has garnered Miss Forget Me Not quite a formidable reputation on social media as one of the “people to go to.” And, although Miss Forget Me Not could do with a happy pill occasionally, the tailoring is high quality. You might, though, have to source fabric elsewhere — there’s a limited range.

Unusually, customers are asked to pay all money up front: “Other tailors say bad things about me and customers only pay half and never come back.” Paranoid? Maybe, maybe not. Don’t worry, pay up – when it comes to tailoring, you’re in good hands. However, do pick your material carefully. The cotton she pointed me towards was very thin, and now, after a couple of months, would give a rag a run for its money.

Price Guide:

Business Shirt: 13.50 for cotton, 16 for linen (310,000 and 370,000 VND)

Men’s Suit: 100 – 130 (depending on material) / (2.3 – 3 million VND)

Shirt: 5, own material (115,000 VND)

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Ryan Kipp

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