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In Hoi An, you can get a unique dress, shirt, suit or coat that will fit you perfectly, for a fraction of what you would normally pay back home, and it’s safe to say you are in good hands at Kimmy Tailor. One of the region’s higher end services, the extra price is reflected in first-rate services, multiple fittings, a great selection of material and a first-class finished product. Here’s our complete review on Kimmy Tailor.

Kimmy Tailor Overview

Kimmy Tailor is owned and operated by a team consisting of Vietnamese and Canadians that have over 15 years of experience working in Vietnam and abroad. The staff’s level of English is outstanding and their customer service impressive. Among the tailors in Hoi An, Kimmy Tailor is considered high-end.


Kimmy’s 15 years of experience hasn’t gone amiss in her store – the swanky interior, knowledgeable staff and in-house tailors have formed a winning combination. Clothes are made upstairs in the shop itself as opposed to being shipped to a tailor elsewhere in the city. And unlike many of the cheaper tailors in the city, you’ll get several fittings per garment. This way you are guaranteed a truly bespoke item every time. Kimmy also keeps your measurements on file for 12 months and will ship overseas.


As one of Hoi An’s higher-end tailors, the choice of materials is huge. You’ll find a range of high quality cotton, cashmere, wool and silk and a wonderful range of cloths and fabrics. The number of cloth books a tailor has onsite – as well as the cloth itself – is always a good indicator of quality and as with the fitting and service, Kimmy’s materials are top-notch.


As you could probably tell by know, the serene shopping experience at Kimmy Tailor in Hoi An doesn’t come cheaply, but it’s still more affordable than a Western tailor.  For a basic shirt, you’ll pay between 29 and 50 USD while a long dress runs from 100 USD and a man’s suit will cost you a couple of hundred dollars.

Given their process, garments may take longer than other tailors to get made. Unlike many other tailors, who can do a turnaround overnight or even within a few hours, it will take 2-3 days at least and will require up to three fittings, depending on your order. However, if you’re in need of your garment in a faster time, just let the staff know before you order and Kimmy’s staff will do their utmost to accommodate your timescale.

Kimmy Tailor Review

From the second you step into Kimmy Tailor shop, you quickly realize they are part of the high-end tailoring services in Hoi An. Reminiscent of a 5th Avenue department store, it even has a bar upstairs for partners to relax while their other halves pore over photos.

From the helpful parking attendant outside, to the enthusiastic welcome received upon stepping into the blissfully air-conditioned interior, to the knowledge and guidance of the in-house tailor Van and her helper Chloe, Kimmy is first-class. When it came to choosing fabrics, Van listened to what we would be using our clothes for – mainly travelling – and suggested a cotton/silk blend that wouldn’t stain and would be easy to maintain. Much to our surprise, the crew at Kimmy Tailor Hoi An got it spot on immediately.

The shirt was exactly how we had imagined it, flowing just right and in a fabric that’s impossible not to love. One or two tiny adjustments and it was done by the second fitting. A third is of course available, if required.

While there are tons of tailors to choose from in Hoi An, we do recommend you pay Kimmy Tailor a visit, for top quality garments that are still much, much cheaper than the same bespoke item would cost back home.

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