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Updated February 2023

For those looking to add a stylish addition to their wardrobe, there are plenty of options when it comes to buying shoes in Hoi An. From classic handmade leather sandals and beach slides, to trendy sneakers, leather boots and high-end designer labels, the town is home to a huge variety of footwear for any occasion.

But perhaps best of all is the once-in-a-lifetime ability to design your own shoe and get it custom-made according to your own style – even better for those with two oddly-shaped feet.

Custom Made Leather Shoes in Hoi An – A Step by Step Guide

Whilst it can sometimes be hit and miss (like the tailoring process), getting shoes custom-made in Hoi An is a thrilling experience. How many times will you get the opportunity to materialize those oyster shell pink colored, work shoes you’ve always dreamed of? Or the quality made boot-scooting, cowboy boots you’ve been searching for – forever?  

And if you’ve got feet wider than a hobbit or one bigger than the other or two feet too big for any shoe on earth, well hey – the Hoi An Shoe Gods have answered.

Close up of a woman wearing the oyster pink leather shoes she custom-designed in the Friendly Leather Shop, Hoi An
Designing your own leather shoes is one of the many thrilling experiences Hoi An has to offer

Handmade Leather ShoesWhat to Expect

1. Choose your design. The shops have many different kinds of footwear on display for you to copy. If none inspire you, there are catalogues or digital websites that you can choose from.

Tip: Pinterest is a great avenue for shoe ideas

2. Pick out the leather. The salesperson will show you sample after sample of leather types and colors; pretty much any color is possible.

3. Get Measured.  The shop assistant will trace each of your feet on a piece of paper, along with your ankle width.

If you use arch supports, it is advisable to bring them with you when getting fitted for shoes. Placing the inserts on the paper before standing on them allows for an accurate height measurement to be taken along the upper surface of your foot. If the inserts are not used, there is a risk that the measurement will not be high enough and may cause your foot to pronate (turn down & inward), making the shoe wider and less supportive. (See comments below).

4. The Finishes. Choose the soles and shoe lining and any extras such as laces, zippers, or studs.

How Long Does it Take to Get Shoes Made Up in Hoi An?

The turnaround time from measurement to pick-up for bespoke leather footwear in Hoi An is 24 hours. However, if you are in a hurry, let them know – they can do it quicker.

Blue, red, green, black, multi-coloured shoes on four shelves show the unique styles you can get handmade in Hoi An
Every style and colour is possible when you get shoes handmade in Hoi An

Read Before Getting Shoes Handmade!

1. Have an idea of what type of shoe you want before you go

If you spend a lot of time looking through a massive catalogue you can end up exhausted when it’s time to negotiate the price.

2. Leather – make sure it’s real

Unfortunately Hoi An does have some unscrupulous shop owners. Check you’ve chosen real leather and not plastic leather stuck on to cheap suede.  How to tell real leather from fake

3. Soles & stitching & linings

Many places have cheap soles that will wear through or pull away no matter how well the uppers are made. If you want your beautiful boots to last, opt for better quality. It’s worth it.

Check the soles of your shoe are stitched on as well as glued, otherwise your pair of fashion leather sandals will be soleless after a few wears. And if you don’t want smelly feet, pay for quality leather lining not plastic.

Close on the sole of a handmade shoe displays the stitching which is important to have in handmade shoes
Make sure the sole is stitched to the shoe otherwise it will fall apart

How Much Does it Cost to Get Shoes Made in Hoi An?

The price of custom shoes in Hoi An depends on the quality of the leather, the style and the shop you go to.

However, a rough price guide is 30 – 130 USD.

Piles of different colored leather on shelf and rolls of leather underneath shows the colour and type of leather available in Hoi An Leather shops
Choose your leather and create your dream shoes in Hoi An

Best Shoe Shops in Hoi An for Customized Shoes

For bespoke leather shoes, visit one the many leather shops in and around Hoi An Old Town. Tran Phu Street is a good place to start.  However, these are the stores we recommend:

To learn more about finding good leather products, read our How An Now Travel Guide to Leather Goods.

Friendly Shop

Friendly Shop is one of the best known and highest rated shoe stores in Hoi An. It sets itself apart with a 6-month money-back guarantee. In a town of quick-sale cobblers, Friendly is working hard to uphold their reputation. There are two Friendly Leather Shoe shops in Hoi An,  the largest being on the corner of Hoang Dieu and Nguyen Dy Hieu Streets.  Both stores have a handful of welcoming women who will go through designs or materials with you. For simpler designs, it will only take 12 hours to produce a shoe but most shoes take a mere 24. This is your safest bet, and at a reasonable price, can you say no?

18 Tran Phu & 15b Hoang Dieu Streets
9am – 9pm


Avana specialize in designer clothes but you’ll find a scattering of female boots, sandals, and heels. They stock a variety of sizes, but for no extra cost, they will make one of their designs to your measurements. It is an interesting combination of off-the-shelf and handmade shoes. The choices are limited, in both design and material, but you will be able to see and inspect samples before you order a pair. Ideally they will have a pair in store that you can put on and happily walk out in.

57 Le Loi
10am – 9pm

09 Shoe Shop

This is not a place for buying off-the-rack shoes, their thing is handmade shoes and they do them beautifully. The sales women are friendly, honest and patient with any questions about shoes or Hoi An in general. The choices can become overwhelming so let them guide you to intelligent choices if you are unsure. Their catalogs are rather random and you could be there forever if you don’t know what you are looking for. Instead of the standard rings of sample leather, they have neat piles of it at the back of the shop that you can just run your hands over and enjoy. This shop also offers buffalo leather if you are looking for something different.

65 Tran Hung Dao
7.30am – 9.30pm

Dream Leather Shop

Dream Leather Shop, previously named, An and Nam, is a place that means business. You will feel incredibly welcome and relaxed in this store surrounded by beautiful shoes. Their service is impeccable, including very clear English. In addition to the standard arrays of leather, they have a variety of buffalo leather which has a slightly different look and feel. It is thicker and spongier, great for boots, especially if you want something a little unusual. If you are in a rush, they can also produce a pair of shoes that can be ready on the same day, but the quality of your handmade shoes may suffer in the rush. For the best of every option, allow for a day or two.

647 Hai Ba Trung
8.30am – 9.00pm

Yaly Couture

Yaly deals primarily in clothes, but their footwear options deserve a mention too.

The two-story colonial villa that houses one of three Yaly stores is uncluttered and classy, with friendly staff stepping up to help you the moment you cross the threshold. The staff are patient and speak English confidently, happily answering all questions. They have comprehensive catalogues, sorted by style and gender, but are willing to use photos you provide and have an incredible array of leather samples to choose from.

You will get the luxury experience but it comes at a price, with their fairly fixed guide starting with sandals at 65 USD (1.5 million VND) and boots at 110 USD (2.5 million VND). The quality is definitely good, but you can find equivalent quality for less.

358 Nguyen Duy Hieu
8am – 9pm

Cats Shoe Shop

While not as famous as some other shops mentioned here, Cats Shoe Shop is known for providing high-quality products at very good prices.

Having a pair of shoes made up in Hoi An is pretty much the same as having a custom made dress: the more famous the tailor, the more expensive the clothing items.

So if you’re looking for a more affordable option without making a compromise when it comes to quality, you should really stop by this shop.

46 Trần Hưng Đạo
8am – 9pm

New Stars Shoe Shop Hoi An

New Stars Shoe Shop is a small, family business run by the very personable Yen and her cobbler husband.  With over 20 years’ experience in the shoemaking business they are passionate about their work and service. “If you (the customer) has given us the right stuff and we have got it wrong, we will give you your money back’, imparted Yen before going on to demonstrate how shoes will fall apart if they are not stitched and glued to the sole.

New Stars Shoe Shop have a nice selection of shoes on display and a good range of cow and buffalo leather to choose from.  It’s the store to visit for those looking for that ‘special’ customer service touch

36 Tran Hung Dao
8.30am – 9pm

The Central Market


Many expats have become frustrated over the years with handmade shoes that didn’t last. The quality in the markets is actually equivalent to a lot of the smaller shops, and a lot cheaper. You can still choose your leather, style and specify what you want. It is a bit more of a gamble, but a gamble of 15 USD (345,000 VND) instead of 50 USD (1.1 million VND) is maybe one you are more willing to take. The ladies in the market are far more pushy than in the stores, so go in knowing what you want. If you are worried, ask to see some shoes that need to be collected by other patrons and make your own conclusions.

1 Tran Phu
7am – midnight

Shoes Shop Lukey – Hoi An Central Market

If you ask many expats in Hoi An what’s their go-to shoe-maker in the city, they will probably point at Shoes Shop Lukey.

Located in the Old Town’s Central Market, this is definitely one of the places you have to check out. With a 5-star review online and great customer service offline, it’s easy to see why they have such a good reputation.

No 39 Inside Hoi An Central Market, 1 Tran Phu
9am – 6pm (Closed Mondays)

Cheap Shoe Stores and Fake Brands

On the first floor of the Central Market you will find the ‘shoe stores’.  Boots, loafers, sneakers, stilettos, you name it – they have it.  These shoes are cheap and – for the right price – worth the money.  I particularly like some of the snazzy ‘fake brand’ sneakers on sale.  But be careful.  The price quoted to me by the affable sales girl was so ridiculously high, my eyes are still watering.  Bargaining is the name of the game in Vietnam and never more so than in the markets.  See our article on bargaining for help.

Cheap shoes and fake brand Nike or Adidas are not limited to the Central Market.  You’ve probably seen many stores bursting with all kinds of shoes in your travels around Hoi An.  

Colourful red, blue, yellow and white trendy sneakers close up show what's available to buy at Hoi an Central Market.
Sneakers on Sale at Hoi An Central Market

Better Quality Fake Brand Shoe Shops in Hoi An

For those who don’t want to take any chances with possible subpar footwear, there are a couple of places where one can buy good quality knockoffs.

BQ Shoes Hoi An

More like a traditional shoe shop, you will find a range of the store’s BQ Flame brand shoes on sale here.  Loafers, hiking boots, dress shoes, sandals and sneakers in sizes up to 43 for men and up to 39 for women.   They also sell a good range of children’s shoes.


Price Guide: Walking Shoes 38 USD

642 High Ba Trung
9am – 9pm

Ele Shoes Hoi An

More like a traditional shoe shop, you will find a range of the store’s BQ Flame brand shoes on sale here.  Loafers, hiking boots, dress shoes, sandals and sneakers in sizes up to 43 for men and up to 39 for women.   They also sell a good range of children’s shoes.


Price Guide: Walking Shoes 38 USD

570 Hai Ba Trung (Ele Women) & 220 Ly Thuong Kiet (Ele Men)
9am – 9pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of shoes can you get in Hoi An? +

In all honesty, you can get any style you like. All you need to do is show the staff a picture of the shoes you want and they’ll make them for you in just a few days. We would recommend you invest in some high-quality boots or sandals but if you feel like splurging on pointy-toe flats, by all means, do it.

How long does it take to get shoes made up? +

To get shoes made in Hoi An usually takes between one and three days. The first fitting will be after 24 hours and the more changes you want, the longer the process will be.

How much does it cost to get shoes made in Hoi An? +

While you will be able to find cheaper options, you should expect to pay around 50 USD (1.1 million) for a high-quality pair of flats.

What kind of shoes can I get made? +

You can get any kind of shoe made in Hoi An. Shops may be experienced in certain styles and there will likely be some ‘off-the-shelf’ shoes to choose styles from. But if you’re after a specific design then a sample pair of your own shoes, or photographs of the style you want, will really help.

Can I get orthopedic shoes made in Hoi An? +

Yes! Not all shops will be experienced in this service, but we can recommend Linh Shoes for making both orthopedic shoes and sandals. Wherever you go, be sure to take a sample pair of your own shoes if you can. Photos are also a good idea.

What are some of the benefits for getting custom leather shoes in Vietnam? +

How many times have you searched for a pair of shoes but can never find the style you want? In Vietnam you can those shoes handmade. Any design is possible and if you have problem feet such as one bigger than the other or massively wide feet, getting bespoke shoes is your answer.

What kind of leather do they use to make shoes in Vietnam? +

Cowhide is most common leather used for custom-made footwear in Vietnam. But you can also get buffalo leather, snakeskin, suede and if you want the colour to be flamingo pink or cerulean blue, the shop can organise this too.


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    When standing on the paper used for sizing, if you put the inserts down first and stand on them, the person doing the fitting can slide their measuring tape under the inserts and get a better height measurement across the dorsal (upper) surface of the foot.

    Otherwise, not only might the measurement not be high enough, but the foot will probably pronate (turn down & inward) causing the measurement of the circumference of the foot to be distorted, making the shoe wider and less supportive.


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