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What’s a holiday without a glance in a few clothes shops, one might say? With a great range of off-the-peg and bespoke clothing available for a snip of the cost of western prices, Hoi An is definitely one of those places that can make you break your usual shopping restraints. Before venturing yourself on the streets of the Old Town, have a look at our guide to clothes shops in Hoi An.

Boutiques in the Old Town

Metiseko is, without doubt, the most stylish clothes shop in Hoi An.  Owned by a couple of French designers, it is not just the clothes and accessories that will captivate you at Metiseko, it is also the incredible interior design.  ‘Visually stunning’ is an understatement (Instagrammers there’s a rattan swing amidst a background of visual feasts, made just for you! There’s coffee too!)

But let’s get back to the collections.  Made from organic cotton and natural silk, the highly original floaty designs for men and women (yep, men get a look in), are inspired by life in Vietnam. Think lotus leaves, bamboo, rice fields, water lilies and lanterns. There’s even beautiful quilts and pillow cases as well as various accessories including scarves, handbags, purses, belts, jewelry and much more.

Magnifique!  But bring your purse. Beauty comes with a price.

140 & 142 Tran Phu
8.30am – 9.30pm


Headed by Belgium-born designer Aldegonde Van Alsenoy (Ava), Avana is a high-fashion brand with a focus on sustainability and creativity. Ava has lived in Vietnam for 13 years and draws many of her inspirations from the country’s rich culture and history. She specializes in designing one-of-a-kind garments, with trimmings made from the intricately woven fabric created by the Co Tu tribe’s female artisans. When combined with beautiful textiles sourced from the designer’s international travels, these trimmings take on a new life of their own, transforming the entire garment into a piece of modern art.  This is one of Hoi An’s most beautiful boutiques.  You will also find a range of great accessories including handmade shoes here.  Designs combine comfort with a funky elegance.

Prepare to spend.

57 Le Loi
11am – 8pm

La Boutique

We love this shop with its funky designs and easy to wear, lose fitting tops and dresses.  With starting prices around 70,000 VND (3 USD) we also like the price!

Located in the Old Town and variously known as La Boutique or Ma Ly, this little boutique is aimed squarely at the younger market although some of their tops would suit any age. Clothes vary from the bold, colorful and eye-catching to simple white with prints.  For us, the standouts are the brightly patterned boho tops trimmed with embroidery tassel.  Not your thing?  Well, there’s also T shirts with slogans, tie-dye cotton blouses that could be worn at the beach or look equally good in as casual evening wear along with some little, slinky silk paisley numbers.

88 Tran Phu & 111 Nguyen Thai Hoc Streets, Hoi An Old Town
8am – 10.00pm

Bargain Clothes Shops in Hoi An

Tu Na

Suitable for all ages, this ridiculously cheap, clothing shop sells the type of clothing you see all over  Hoi An Old Town.  The difference is there is no need for bartering because all prices are advertised.   We love this shop and whilst it’s a very cramped, the bumping and squeezing around people is worth it.  Hanging from copious racks are Alibaba trousers, dresses, shorts, and tops in a range of standard Vietnamese fabrics. They also have a good range of banana printed shirts and tops. And the good vibes keep rolling in because if you see an item of clothing you like but it doesn’t fit – no worries, the lady will alter it for you.  Highly recommended.

If she is not at the shop, phone her on : 0766 732 380.  She will come running to open up.

Special Takeaway: If you’re unsure what to pay for similar clothing at the markets, this shop’s labeled pricing will give you an idea eg:  pair of shorts, 20,000 VND.


15/1 Nquyen Thai Hoc
9am – 8pm

Blue Exchange Clothes Shops

Popular with young Vietnamese consumers, Blue Exchange is a retail fashion chain of clothes shopsexploding throughout Vietnam. There are four outlets in Da Nang and two have recently opened in Hoi An. The designs are bright and breezy and very reasonably priced. You will find good quality jeans, T shirts, tops and shorts from 100,000 – 300,000 VND (4.50 – 13.50 USD). Think teenage boy/girl next door. Don’t forget to check out the ‘On Sale’ corner where prices start from about just 50,000 VND (2.20 USD). They also stock a good range of children’s clothes.

212 Ly Thuong Kiet
8am – 9pm

FM Style

It is SO cheap and the designs a little more interesting than the conservatively mainstream (but still very good) ‘Blue Exchange’.  At FM Style you will find hats, bags and other accessories as well as clothes for the under 25s. Casual ‘Asian chic’ at affordable prices.

Note:  A little bit away from the Old Town but worth a visit – especially if you have teenagers that need clothes.

Price guide: T shirts 4 – 6 USD (92,000 – 138,000 VND); jeans 7 – 11 USD (161,000 – 255,000 VND).

274 Nguyen Duy Hieu
8am – 9pm

Tien Thuan

Situated outside of the bustling heart of Hoi An sits Tien Thuan specializing in men’s wear on Ly Thuong Kiet. There is no English but gestures and pointing can go a long way. The shop is very small, but stuffed with clothes from top to bottom. On display are both casual and formal wear including a variety of patterned or simple shirts, ties, polo T-shirts and whole suits. The prices vary but clothes run from about 300.000 VND (13 USD) for polot-shirts or shirts to 1.800.000 VND (78 USD) for a whole suit.

320 Ly Thuong Kiet
7am – 9pm

Clothes Shops in Da Nang


Hi-End sells high quality label clothing for men, women and children as well as shoes and accessories too. You’ll find Gap, Tex, Osh Kosh, Mango, H&M, Guess and Banana Republic to name but a few. This is the stock that didn’t make export for one reason or another: a minor flaw, excess stock whatever the cause, the clothes here are the real deal.

92-94 Le Duan Street, Da Nang
8.30am – 9.30pm

Le Duan Street Clothes Shops

For a taste of what other bargains Da Nang has to offer in the way of fashion shops, walk along Le Duan Street – but put your hiking boots on because it’s a long street! Start with Hi-End and continue. Dotted here, there and everywhere you’ll come across bargain after bargain in clothing for kids, teenagers and adults – as well as shoe shops. If you love fashion clothes and accessories and ridiculously cheap deals – this is your street!

Le Duan Street, Da Nang
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