Ayana Boutique

Located on Phan Boi Chau Street is the fabulous Ayana Boutique. Here you’ll find ready to wear outfits and accessories. Garments are flowing and functional, classy and chic with an emphasis on comfort. Customer service is impressive and, if prices are at the higher end, they are still a bargain compared to similar products back home.

Staffed mostly by expats, Ayana front of house knows its stuff.

‘We are all about layering’, explained Christine, my sales assistant. ‘We have lots of “coordinating separates” so it’s all about mixing and matching. Many of our garments are reversible, like this skirt, so they are great for traveling. All you need is a couple of outfits and they combine into many.’

I always worry about walking into Ayana Boutique because I know it’s inevitable I’ll walk out with something so I tried to focus on Christine rather than the voice in my head that shouted: ‘buy me’ when I passed a rather nifty little black jacket number.

‘We use linens and silk linen, silks and cotton’, continued Christine whose passion for the garments was palpable. Colors are neutral so we have mostly creams, whites, greys, black and beige but the odd garment is very bright to highlight the neutral palette.’

It was no good. I succumbed and splurged on the black jacket. Well who wouldn’t? This little number could morph into three different garments depending on how you wrapped or unzipped it! So, as usual, I walked out $80 lighter. But try and buy three different designs in one for that money and you’ll be hard-pressed (but shhhh, don’t tell my husband; I was meant to be doing a review).

Anna Van Ravesteyn

Designer, Anna van Ravesteyn, originally from Australia, has spent many years living in Asia. With 25 years’ experience in the fashion industry under her belt, ten of which involved managing Vogue fashion boutiques, she is someone who knows how to design and her inspiration is enormous because most of the designs at Ayana Boutique are one-off originals.


And of course, as any fashionista will tell you, no outfit is complete without accessories so with an eye to complementing their clothing line Ayana Boutique has a range of unique accessories including shoes, necklaces, hats and bags.


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Hours | 10 am – 8 pm (Summer) or by appointment

Address | 02 Phan Boi Chau St, Hoi An

Email | waterfronthotels@yahoo.com

Telephone | +84 (0) 344 865 128

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