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Orivy: Hoi An’s Famous Dishes

12pm – 9:30pm
576/1 Cua Dai
+84 (0) 90 964 70 70

At Orivy the tranquil, shaded garden skirted by calming ponds makes the restaurant a lush oasis amidst the concrete and brick of nearby neighbors. It’s a portal that transports one away from the busy streets and stark urbanity nearby, and as an added bonus, the food is excellent too! Just a 10 minute walk from the Old Town’s Central Market, Orivy is a family-run venture that does Hoi An and Vietnamese classics beautifully. Read our full guide below.

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Orivy Restaurant Overview

Orivy has a very consistent kitchen and many healthy options on its menu. It’s mid-priced and, while it doesn’t reach the dizzy heights of fine dining establishments, the small extra cost for its standard Hoi An fare is totally justified. This dedicated Vietnamese restaurant proudly champions local cuisine and the use of very fresh ingredients from Tra Que, local markets and fishermen.


Alongside poultry, pork and beef dishes, the menu has a terrific range of broths, salads and rice, with Vietnamese classics such as pho, cau lao and sautéed noodles in abundance. These are Vietnamese dishes you may find all over town, but it’s true to say that Orivy does them better than most.

Orivy also does a fabulous range of set menus, aimed at a minimum 4 persons per table. Menus range from 180,000 VND pp to 240,000 VND pp (7.70 to 10.30 USD), with appetizers, mains and desserts on each – main courses include a banquet of sautéed beef, grilled squid, sour shrimp broth, vegetable fried rice and sautéed duck.

Orivy also has a consummate cocktail menu starting at around 77,000 VND (3.30 USD).

Cooking Class

Orivy’s cooking class is a bargain at 550,000 VND (25 USD). Including a hotel pick-up, you’ll be taken to a local market where you’ll get to choose your very own ingredients. After taking tea or coffee back at the restaurant you’ll then get to cook three dishes of your choice, before eating the fruits of your labour with a drink or two. A great introduction to Hoi An’s market-scene as well as guided cooking in the hands of an expert.

Review of Orivy in Hoi An

Famous regional dishes like cao lau, banh xeo, mi quang and pho lead the way. With com ga (chicken rice) being a personal favorite when it comes to Hoi Anian-cuisine I looked no further! The rice was fragrant, steeped in chicken stock, light and separable. The shredded chicken was seasoned with a hint of chili jam, and the herbs – especially the glistening mint – were ‘picked-that-morning’ fresh.

Alongside local favourites you’ll find a great selection of sautéed dishes featuring either beef, chicken, seafood or fish, and there’s also a dedicated vegetarian menu. You might be able to find cheaper versions on the street of course, but add the beautiful setting and warm welcome and this mid-priced menu is more than worth it.

Friendly and family-run, Orivy is definitely worth a visit for a very accessible introduction to local Hoi An cuisine.

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Stuart Neal

Former publisher at ABC Books and Consultant Publisher at Allen & Unwin in Australia, Stuart Neal is co-founder of the travel website, Hoi An Now.

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