The Little Menu is French café style in a 100-year-old house on Le Loi. It’s comfortable and stylish with large original paintings against roughly hewn yellow walls. There are some deft touches like cool refresher towels, waitresses above the norm and ebullient Mr Son’s small but excellent menu focuses on authentic, home-style Vietnamese cooking.


While the food is outstanding, the servings are just adequate. Solidly mid-priced, The Little Menu is nevertheless reasonable value for most tourists and an excellent Western-friendly introduction to Vietnamese food.

Our banana flower and chicken salads were piquant, the wok-tossed beans and mushrooms with shallots and garlic a great textural contrast and the meats tender and tasty. My colleague, not normally a dessert eater, couldn’t put her White Chocolate Mousse down and it vanished in a trice.


For those interested in cooking classes, you could do much worse than try out Mr Son’s other operation, Herbs and Spices, a restaurant down the hill from The Little Menu that’s dedicated to cooking classes.

Hours | 10 am- 10pm

Address | 2/6 Le Loi

Website |

Email |

Telephone | +84 (0)235 3939 568


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