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12pm to 10:00pm
112 Nguyen Thai Hoc
+84 (0) 235 392 6668

Home restaurant in Hoi An is a fine-dining jewel in Hoi An’s Old Town, an ancient building with a distinctly French-feel, serving high-class versions of Vietnamese classics. Home’s chef has a deep understanding of the preparation and presentation of traditional Vietnamese food, adding interesting twists to recipes handed down over centuries.

Home Restaurant - cao lau
Cao Lau, a local speciality

Home Restaurant Overview

Nguyen Thai Hoc is lined with good restaurants but Home Hoi An Restaurant is one of the most impressive. Think quiet music, stylish wooden décor with soft colors and staff who are not only attentive but who provide a highly-skilled and ongoing service.

Home is dedicated to serving authentic Vietnamese food using the freshest ingredients, sourced locally. Here you’ll find Hoi An classics such as Cao Lau and Mi Quang alongside dishes taken from across Vietnam. Given the elegance of its interior and high-quality food fare, Home falls at the higher end of Hoi An’s restaurant selection so save it for that special occasion or romantic dinner.


All the food at Home Hoi An is inspired by traditional Vietnamese food but served in a contemporary and elegant style. Think two-way grilled oysters with green onion salsa and salted egg yolk, wok-fried crab with tamarind sauce, or Hoi An braised duck with five spice. From hot and cold appetizers to seafood, fish and a good selection of vegetarian dishes, Home is a fine-dining experience that’s hard to find elsewhere in the city. Home can also house private events for up to 40 people.

Home Hoi An Restaurant

Review of Home Restaurant in Hoi An

A varied menu includes fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, and Hoi An’s location on the river is well-reflected in the seafood selection. For an appetizer, a difficult choice given the appetizing selection, we chose the Marinated Local Aroma Salad with Roasted Duck, accompanied by Duck and Vegetable Spring Rolls and a Spring Onion Salsa. The salad was palate-cleansing fresh and the duck exceptionally tender.

Stir-fried chicken in ginger and lemongrass followed – the best I have ever eaten and, as it is a favourite, there are many comparisons. The lightly cooked chicken was succulent and its flavour fully characteristic of Vietnamese street food, with the spices perfectly balanced.

The wine list has a range to suit the pocket and preferences of many wine drinkers. Prices are much higher than food on the street but a couple can eat well for around 1,200,000 VND (52 USD), still relatively cheap compared to the same price of a classy restaurant back home.

Neither I nor my fellow diner next to me were keen on oysters, but those served here won us over. I tried one raw to see if it was the raw ingredients or the chef’s skill that did the trick. It was clean and fresh, but it seems the secret really is in the cooking.

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Kenneth Shearman

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