Home Hoi An Restaurant has been developed by skillful managers who have a deep understanding of the preparation and presentation of traditional Vietnamese food and inherent good taste. While the prime clientele are overseas visitors, all diners leave not just with a great meal experience but also a much-expanded understanding of authentic Vietnamese cooking and style.


Nguyen Thai Hoc is lined with good restaurants but Home Hoi An Restaurant is one of the most impressive. You are welcomed by Bao, or one of his equally well-trained colleagues, as a friend. Quiet music, stylish wooden décor with soft colors and well-chosen lanterns – and staff who are not only attentive but who provide a highly-skilled and ongoing service.


We felt at peace from the get go, as the large, well-chosen menu was explained by a very knowledgeable Bao. The menu is not extensive but it does present a comprehensive depiction of Hoi An traditional dishes, served in a contemporary and elegant style.

Home Hoi An Restaurant. Duck salad
Roasted Duck Salad
Home Hoi An Restaurant. Duck Spring Rolls
Duck and Vegetable Spring Rolls

For an appetizer, a difficult choice given the appetizing selection, we chose the Marinated Local Aroma Salad with Roasted Duck, accompanied by Duck and Vegetable Spring Rolls and a Spring Onion Salsa. The salad was palate-cleansing fresh and the duck exceptionally tender.


The beef in lolot leaves followed – the best I have ever eaten and, as it is a favourite, there are many comparisons. The lightly cooked chicken was succulent and its flavour fully characteristic of Vietnamese street food, with the fine balance of the lemongrass and ginger a feature.

Home Hoi An Restaurant. Lemongrass and Ginger Chicken with Mushroom side-dish
Glazed Lemongrass and Ginger Chicken with Mushroom side-dish

The wine list has a range to suit the pocket and preferences of many wine drinkers. Amazingly, Bao knew how to pronounce (the Australian) De Bortoli shiraz correctly, something that is routinely missed by most Australians. He also had a fine sense of care when topping our glasses. Our meal and our wine were completed at the same time.


Prices are much higher than food on the street with starters beginning at over 120 000 VND and mains ranging from 200 000 to 240 000 VND. But wait a moment, this is a fine dining outing and, for two with wine, there will be change from around 1,200,000 VND or roughly US$53.

Home Hoi An Restaurant. Bao and Yours Truly
Bao and Yours Truly

Hours | 12pm to 10:00pm

Address | 112 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Web | www.homehoianrestaurant.com

Telephone | +84 (0)235 392 6668

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