Ba Le Well Restaurant

Hoi An Restaurants | Vietnamese
9.30 am – 9.30pm
45/51 Tran Hung Dao (close to Phan Chau Trinh)
+84 (0) 235 386 4443

Great Vietnamese Street Food in Comfort

In a town that boasts hundreds of restaurants catering to tourists, finding an authentic local restaurant can be a challenge. Located in a small lane at 45 Tran Cao Van, Ba Le Well Restaurant has recently expanded from a tight laneway setting with great success. Now you can enjoy Hoi An street food in the adjacent garden, discovering why everyone is talking about Hoi An cuisine, and you can enjoy it all under the stars.

We had barely sat down at a long bench when it rapidly filled up, with platters of fresh herbs, plates of skewered meats, pads of rice paper sheets, the incredibly delicious Ram Cuon (spring rolls) and bowls of peanut sauce. If you don’t know what to make of this, no problem. The Ba Le Well Restaurant staff, who seem delighted to have you as their guests, are right there making up delicious rice paper rolls before your eyes. Watch how they do it and you’ll be a pro in no time. After feasting on the wonderful food, we felt part of the family, and perhaps the owner thought we were too, giving us a warm hug as we left.

The food at Ba Le Well Restaurant is great, the beer’s chilled, the prices are good – what’s not to like?

Price guide in VND:

120,000 VND (5 USD) per person – all you can eat, Ba Le Well set menu of four dishes: Nem Nương (grilled port satay), Bánh Xèo (rice pancakes, a Hoi An speciality dish), Bánh Cuốn (spring rolls), Thịt Nương (grilled pork) served with lettuce and vegetable garnishes and rice paper

Ba Le Well Restaurant: Location

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Former publisher at ABC Books and Consultant Publisher at Allen & Unwin in Australia, Stuart Neal is co-founder of the travel website, Hoi An Now.

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