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Like many other places in Vietnam, Karma Waters is a family business, founded in 2005, when they opened their first vegan restaurant in Hoi An. With the first one being a success, they managed to open a second one in Da Nang, in 2013.

Below is a complete guide to Karma Waters, a vegan restaurant praised by both expats and locals.

Karma Waters Overview

The concept of Karma Waters

Karma Waters is much more than a simple restaurant. It is a Vietnamese charitable organization that helps those in need via their two vegan restaurants, organized tours/homestays, cooking classes and vegan products that Karma Waters produces and sells internationally.  


Both Karma Waters’ restaurants serve vegan food and drinks, made from organic ingredients. Their menu is very diverse and you have both local and international dishes to choose from. Reservations are not required and there are also takeout and delivery options, if you would rather enjoy the food in the comfort of your own house. Karma Waters’ food is also gluten-free.

Cooking class

If you have always dreamed about taking a cooking class, Karma Waters in Hoi An might be the best choice, if you are interested in vegan delicacies. They offer cooking classes for beginners, as well as for experienced cooks or chefs who want to cook vegan Vietnamese, Western and Indian food. Depending on what you are interested in, you can learn how to prepare main courses, starters, salads or desserts. 

On top of these, if you have a restaurant of your own, they can train your entire staff or can help you adapt your recipes and “veganize” your entire menu.

Review of Karma Waters in Hoi An

In many ways, Karma Waters in Hoi An may be considered to be a vegan’s paradise. From their fresh and sugar-free tasty juices to their creative dishes and cakes, it’s no wonder this is a favorite among expats living in Hoi An.

The menu is diverse and you will definitely find something that you like. In fact, it might be actually hard to choose just one dish, given the fact that they have so many scrumptious options from around the world. From the famous Vietnamese pho or spring rolls to Indian vegetable curries, and from raw vegan salads to veggie burgers, hot dogs or sweet potato wedges, there’s something there for every night of the week. On the menu you can also find the famous Malaysian laksa soup, Thai dishes like Tom Yum or Italian ones like Spaghetti Bolognese.

Lastly, we want to give Karma Waters a big shout-out for not selling plastic water bottles and for providing recycled containers for takeaways and deliveries. Hopefully, more restaurants around the world will follow!

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Sharon Guest

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