I’m not a Vegan and I normally eat most things within reason but I wanted to give Vegan food a try after hearing so many positive things from other reviewers and people who are practicing vegans. But, after dining at Karma Waters, I will not be changing sides to the Vegan cause any time soon. In addition to local fare the menu has a large selection of Indian and International cuisine and plenty of healthy juices.


Considering I was giving up meat for the night, but wanted plenty of flavor, I opted for a vegetable curry but sadly this didn’t work. There were several types of vegetables and a thick sauce but the curry itself was quite bland and didn’t get me excited at all. It was served with a side of 3 roti which did a good job mopping up the sauce but condiments, including a fresh mint chutney, lacked any depth of flavor or zing. Considering the high quality of locally grown fresh mint this was very disappointing. Another small condiment I couldn’t identify was very bland and tasteless as well.

I guess my taste buds are used to processed additives like salt and sugar and msg here in Vietnam. I was happy to try it once but I’m definitely no vegan.


To be fair, a couple of my carnivorous mates reckon the Karma Waters’ Veggie Burger’s one of the best-value meals in town and a lot of vegetarians I’ve met rave about the joint and rate it amongst  their favorites. And, it has to be said, that if you are a vegan or prefer salt-, sugar- and msg-free meals, then Karma Waters may be just the ticket.


Take away and home delivery available (phone orders).

Hours | 10am – 8pm

Address | 213 Nguyen Duy Hieu

Website | www.karmawaters.com

Email | [email protected] 

Telephone | +84 (0)235 3927 632

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