9am – 9pm
471/7 Cua Dai
+84 (0)91 484 59 00

Eating at Annen Vegetarian Corner is like visiting a distant relative; although you may not have seen them for years, you’re welcomed as though your last visit had been yesterday. Annen’s laidback style invites you to relax as you enjoy fresh, Vietnamese, vegetarian cuisine at some of the cheapest prices in Hoi An.

I stumbled upon Annen seeking refuge from the heat but on arrival, I was warmly greeted by the host who promptly adjusted a pedestal fan and then hurried off to get me a (free) bottle of cold water. I couldn’t resist settling in.

Annen’s cozy outdoor courtyard is like a mini, no-frills hideout filled with a wide array of potted and border plants. Shaded by leafy tree branches and white parasols, it’s overlooked by a miniature alter standing gently in the corner. I’ve not yet seen the five outdoor tables full during the daytime, but that’s part of the allure – relax and enjoy the quiet. Evenings are generally busier and have more vibe, but extra indoor seating still leaves plenty of room.

Annen’s compact menu includes the refreshing and light Sup An Niem (Annen soup) and, of course, Cha Gio, those mandatory, moreish, fried spring rolls as starters.

Written By
Charlene Thomson

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