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‘Don’t get me wrong, I love Vietnamese food. But sometimes you just have to have a chip butty’, quipped amenable Brit, Tim. With such fine sentiments Weavers, Hoi An’s greasy spoon, was born with partner Ly Anh dishing up steaming plates of sausages, eggs, bacon, baked beans and chips while Tim entertains all comers front of house.

At Weavers, curry and lasagna, as well as an incredibly cheap Middle-Eastern style kebab, complete the food picture.

Meanwhile, the beers are icy cold and a cameraderie quickly develops between visitors and expats. It’s a favorite with many locals, not just for the all-day English breakfast style grub, but as a spot to catch up with mates and chew the fat.

Without airs and graces, Weavers is one of Hoi An’s best cheap eateries, especially if you hanker for an authentic British style fry-up with HP sauce and mustard to splash around and vinegar for the chips. There’s even London beer Fullers and Magners Irish Cider.

Weavers is an icon of the Hoi An fast food scene for homesick expats and visitors alike. I’m happy there with a friend, by myself or with the family. None of that matters in the end because, for me, it’s the call of the sausage butty (with extra sausage, mustard and onion) that keeps me coming back.

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Written By
Stuart Neal

Former publisher at ABC Books and Consultant Publisher at Allen & Unwin in Australia, Stuart Neal is co-founder of the travel website, Hoi An Now.

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