The Secret Garden

Hoi An Restaurants | International
10am – 10pm
Alley next to 60 Le Loi (132/2 Tran Phu Street)
+84 (0) 235 3911 112

Hoi An’s Secret Garden restaurant is a true gem, found just off the main streets in the Old Town. It’s a locally-run restaurant, passed down through generations, using home-cooked recipes that have been kept intact for many, many years. Make sure you find this oasis in the middle of Hoi An during your stay – it will stimulate all your senses and make you want to come back for more. 

Secret Garden Overview


Secret Garden in Hoi An is a family business that combines exquisite Chinese recipes with Vietnamese ones and a commitment to using fresh and delightful ingredients. However, what makes each dish become lively and unique is the sauce that they use. From starters such as “Nộm”, to mains – all of them come with a special and unique sauce and this is what makes Secret Garden distinctive.

On top of that, the plants and settings preserved carefully by generations will make you feel the vibe of Vietnamese culture when enjoying meals at Secret Garden in Hoi An.

To make sure you do not have a surprise when getting there, it is better to make reservations, especially if you plan on having dinner.

Cooking Class

Apart from their unique dishes, Secret Garden also offers cooking classes to those who are interested in learning their recipes. First, you will head to the local market where you will pick the ingredients by yourself, with the assistance of the Secret Garden staff. After that, you will get to cook side by side with the chef for two hours.

You have two choices: Cooking delicious “Cơm gà Hội An”(Hoi An style chicken rice) or “Phở gà lá chanh” (Vietnamese chicken noodle soup). Both famous dishes in Hoi An and beyond, they’re both fabulous recipes to take back home with you!

Review of Secret Garden in Hoi An

The Secret Garden has a glorious French-colonial, garden setting that makes this hidden gem one of the prettiest places to dine in Hoi An. Off Le Loi Street down a tiny alley, the restaurant offers Vietnamese staples blended with the flavors of home.

On arrival, an expansive oasis of delicately shaped ponds and verdant plants emerges out of nowhere. Here, small bridge walkways lead to a fabulous milieu of shrubs, climbers, white table cloths and wooden beams. Take your time to taste more than one dish from their unique menu, enjoy a glass (or a bottle) of fine wine and whatever you do, do not leave The Secret Garden without trying the Ice Cream with Rice Whisky. Whiskey over ice cream washed down with coffee is a taste-explosive, toe-curling experience that we highly recommend.

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  1. I am fortunate to have visited the Secret Garden many times, the latest being on Saturday 15th October 2022. My visits are usually to celebrate yet another holiday in Vietnam with my travelling and Vietnamese friends. The ambience is superb and it certainly is ‘secret’. The prices are good for me and I can honestly say that the food has always been delicious and the staffing attendance excellent. Well worth a visit if you can find it. I notice that the sign on Du’ong Le Loi has disappeared.


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