Thai Market

Hoi An Restaurants | International
11 am to 10 pm
62 Phan Châu Trinh
+84 (0) 90 350 74 68

Thai Market, the fifth branch of a Da Nang-based chain, sits in a grand old colonial house on the edge of Old Town. Its classic Thai dishes are so authentic – from curries to Pad Thai to mango and sticky rice – that if you close your eyes to the Hoi An lanterns, you may well think you’re in Thailand.

Owner Le Thai Hoang has worked as a chef in Thailand and brought genuine Thai recipes home with him. While the food mightn’t quite knock your socks off, it might well knock you head off! Be warned, it leans to the spicier end of the spectrum, as authentic Thai food tends to, so order conservatively when it comes to chili if you want to keep the roof of your mouth.

Having said that, all the dishes are carefully prepared and certainly cooked with a deep understanding of Thai cuisine and, with a wide variety, including many vegetarian options, there is something for everyone.

Portions are decent but if your stomach is really rumbling, maybe split an entrée or two as well. And, with reasonable prices (uncommon in Old Town), you won’t have to feel guilty about ordering a little more. Alternatively, try out one of their set menus. Five courses for between 160,000 and 220,000 VND (7-10 USD) is an amazing deal.

Thai Market Restaurant has a good range of classic cocktails, as well as two of their own inventions featuring ingredients like lemongrass and fresh star fruit from their garden. In the open air, with cocktails costing only 75,000 VND (3.25 USD), you can sit back and enjoy yourself.

The outdoor deck has been raised above street level and it’s a lovely place to watch the endless entertainment of busy Tran Hung Dao Street. Lantern light falls from the trees, making evening the ideal time for lounging outside – aside from noisy peak traffic times.

Of course, if it’s pouring down, you can always get your food delivered. Thai Market offers free delivery for orders over 200,000 VND (8.70 USD) for nearby destinations.

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Mikha Zeffertt


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