12 pm – 9 pm (closed Sundays)
10A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
+84 (0) 82 519 0190

Updated April 2020

Located on a small alley on the western side of Hoi An’s Japanese bridge, Nu Eatery has quickly become one of the most famous places in town. “Nu” means female in Vietnamese and the owner, Phuc, named the restaurant after his mother and describes the place as being more of an eatery than a restaurant. Read our full guide to this fabulous eatery below.

Nu Eatery, Hoi An, small table
Chill & eat at Nu Eatery

Nu Eatery Overview

Even though the menu is quite small with about 20 dishes to choose from, all of them are carefully selected and everyone stopping by leaves the restaurant saying they had one of their best meals ever. Don’t take our word for it and make sure to stop at Nu Eatery in Hoi An during your visit.

Given the fact that it is not a big place, we would strongly suggest to make reservations before especially if you plan to head there for dinner. You can contact them via mobile phone at +84 (0) 82 519 0190 or through their Facebook Page.

Review of Nu Eatery in Hoi An

Nu Eatery is definitely different from your average restaurant with three small rooms hidden down a laneway and an open kitchen occupying the fourth. The excellent menu is not extensive but has everything you need, and the setting is intimate but basic, suiting couples in particular, if you are looking for a place to have a romantic dinner.

Prices compare with Old Town establishments and the food is original – a delicate fusion, the service is respectful, helpful and unobtrusive and there are 10 different wines available by the glass.

As for the food itself, many rave about the steamed pork buns, spicy pork fettuccine and the chili lime shrimp but nothing tops the praise for the homemade ice cream which interestingly comes in lemongrass, coffee and chili flavors.

Nu Eatery in Hoi An is a good choice for dinner, but an even better one for lunch. The mains are a perfect bite for midday, there’s more elbow room and you can soak up this quiet little oasis with the sun streaming in through its cottage windows over a wine or two before your afternoon siesta. A perfect reward after a tough morning bartering in the Old Town’s shopping district.

To get to Nu Eatery, take the first lane on the right after the Japanese Bridge (moving away from the center of the Old Town). Note, it’s closed Sundays!

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