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70 Le Loi
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I started with assorted dips and pita bread. I’d had pita before – but not like this. It was fresh, warm, soft and salty. The platter came with eight triangular pieces, and six sauces, each one different.  The one I’m going to rave about is the tirokafteri.  It’s pink, and made with feta cheese and peppers … but it must’ve been sent from heaven directly to my mouth, it was that good. The tzatziki was fresh and creamy – probably the best I’ve ever had in my life.  The hummus also was awesome.  I’ve dabbled and tried making my own but the one at Mix just blew me away.

I mourned the loss of the tirokafteri as my next plate was served – several beef rolls atop a massive chunk of the brightest purple rice I have ever seen, covered in what appeared to be the white sausage gravy you get on biscuits at any Southern style restaurant in the U.S., with cooked vegetables all around it.  I gave a confused look around the room, wondering what the hell I had just ordered.  Then I shrugged and dug in.

The tirokafteri had returned!  It came back to me!  I knew it wouldn’t let me down, and it didn’t – it found its way into this dish, cleverly hidden inside the rolls of beef.  Dear God … if I began to describe the next part, critics would be right in calling it obscene.  It was a foodgasm, folks – no question about it – straight out of an Anthony Bourdain special showing people reacting to his food.

I can’t even begin to describe the dish – it was savory, salty, peppery, and left me very satisfied, and yet still craving for more. And at the end I still had room for a complimentary dessert – a small dish of chocolate with a cookie mixed in and a banana on top.  I don’t know what they do to that dessert to make such a simple thing so delicious, but my imagination conjured up a unicorn named Saul sprinkling delicious unicorn dust on all the plates right before they go out – maybe a magical dash of MSG with the addictive qualities of cocaine.

The massive Mix platter

Mix Greek Restaurant is a win in every way – the  staff, Christos, Maria and ultimately the food.  If you haven’t been there, go, and if you have, go again. You won’t be disappointed. One of their famous Mix Platters will be my next target!

Updated June 2022

Written By
Kitty Ireland

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