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Updated April 2020

With its prime location on Bach Dang, Mango Rooms is a mainstay of Hoi An’s fusion eateries which mixes traditional Vietnamese cooking with a Latin American/Caribbean influence. Established in 2004, as the first of Chef Duc’s four restaurants here, these guys have had plenty of time to get things right, and get it right they have!

The decor is vibrant, the music is chilled, the staff are lovely and as for the food – well, it’s no wonder Duc’s reputation precedes him. Read our full guide to Hoi An’s Mango Rooms below.

Mango Rooms.
Magical mains at the Mango Rooms

Mango Rooms Overview

Inside, the Latin-inspired flavours, bright colours and eclectic vibe of the restaurant reflects the time that Chef Duc spent in Central America whilst on his travels, and Mango Rooms is a restaurant that truly deserves your attention.

The unobtrusive exterior means it easily blends into the row of far lesser tourist traps on Bach Dang but once inside you’ll be captivated by the bold primary colours, cool paintings, lazy ceiling fans and laid-back music. And the attentive staff are always on hand to guide you through your culinary adventure.

Mango Rooms. Prawns


Mango Rooms is all about delivering fresh and flavoursome dishes in a fun ‘n’ festive atmosphere, with views across the river to An Hoi islet and beyond. There’s an extensive choice of seafood and salad dishes, with meat dishes and even a vegetarian option.

Many of the dishes are inspired by traditional Vietnamese cooking, with big twists on the spices, herbs and accompaniments. Chef Duc has lived and cooked across the world and Mango Rooms reflects the influences he gathered in Central America.

If this sounds an unlikely combo on paper, consider the starter ‘ceviche’ – a Peruvian classic of zesty lime, tangy mango and melt-in-your-mouth tuna. Or the fiery “Diavolo aperitivo” for main course – a spicy beef concoction stuffed in juicy red peppers and green beans. Yes, it works! There’s also a tasty dessert menu based around strong Caribbean flavours like banana, coconut and mango.

There’s 50% off cocktails here until 6pm, so consider dropping by for a swift one once you’ve finished your afternoon’s shopping in the Old Town! Price-wise, think of Mango Rooms as being at the higher end for Hoi An, but a couple here can still eat well for around 500,000 VND (22 USD).

Mango Rooms.

Review of Mango Rooms in Hoi An

It’s always good to take local knowledge on board, and the very friendly manager, Mrs Kieu recommended the red snapper fillet for mains. Her advice was spot-on! The gorgeous crust of ginger, onion and garlic was simple but incredibly tasty, the fish was fresher than the Prince of Bel Air and the colours on the plate assaulted the senses – it’s definitely true that we eat with our eyes first of all!

Topped off with the “Godfather Part II” – espresso over vanilla ice-cream served with amaretto – and a serving of “Eastern Fortune” (a fun take on a fortune cookie with crispy wonton, fried banana, chocolate and coconut butter), the menu truly satisfies every tastebud.

Mango Rooms provides a feast in every sense: a feast of colours, of flavours, of music and of joviality. It’s a place where “that holiday feeling” reigns supreme. So whether you’re living in Hoi An or just passing through, why not embrace the holiday vibe? It may be pricey for Hoi An but if you want to try something different, or to enjoy a night out with great food and super-friendly service, you can’t go wrong here.

Written By
Emma Sothern

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