Hoi An Steakhouse

Hoi An Restaurants | International
12pm – 10pm
11 Phan Boi Chau
+84 (0) 90 1907 868

There are those times, as every dedicated carnivore knows, when nothing, absolutely nothing else can substitute for a big fat juicy steak, marinating in its own juices, seared to perfection, sizzling on a bed of creamy mash …. Oh stop it! My extremely healthy quinoa and tofu salad has just lost all it’s appeal! Hoi An Steakhouse bring it on!

That is the thing about a steak, once you imagine it, no amount of deconstructed vegemite toast, smashed avocado, stir- fried whatever, will do. It simply has to be steak. Whatever the shifting sands of food trends around the world, the stalwart steakhouse will always exist, somewhere, in every town. Luckily for Hoi An, we have our very own, ‘Hoi An Steakhouse’, bring it on!

This unassuming eatery on leafy Phan Boi Chau, on the edge of the Old Town adds to the increasingly diverse and wonderful food choices on offer these days in Hoi An. But is it any good?

The Best Steak Ever!

A 300 gms cut of divine, fat-free tenderloin (or for smaller appetites – 200 gms), and the tastier, but slightly more fatty and chewy rib-eye, are both on offer. These are equally melt-in-the mouth tender, and cooked to perfection. In fact I can’t remember sinking my fangs into a more tender steak – ever!  I do believe the butter knife would have sufficed. Sides included a  tasty pepper jus along with either crispy potatoes, fries or creamy mash and roasted vegetables.

For weirdos who don’t like steak there are plenty of alternatives including Calamari rings, Caesar salad and Tiger Prawns. There is even that retro classic, ‘Surf and Turf’ beloved by Australians since the 70s.  Other choices include Australian Rack of Lamb, Beef Carpaccio and even ‘Steak Tartare’ for the odd raw mince lover that may happen by. From a selection of soups I tried the Gazpacho and, while the flavor was authentic and it was obviously freshly made, it was served tepid rather than chilled – a minor disappointment during an otherwise supremely good meal.

The Hoi An Steakhouse wine list is well chosen and includes the very good Chilean Tarapaca black label Cabernet Sauvignon.

Written By
Claire Richmond

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