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Hmong Sisters Beach Bar & Grillhouse

11am – 10pm (closed Mondays)
An Bang Beach (left side)
+84 (0) 914 852 366

Sea view? Check. Fine wine? Check. The best kind of surf ‘n’ turf? The Hmong Sisters Beach Bar & Grillhouse? Double-check.

The Hmong Sisters Beach Bar & Grillhouse on An Bang knows how to deliver an impressive meal. It ticks all of the above boxes… oh, and the ones for flavor, presentation and sheer quantity, too.

The French owners originally owned a bar of the same name in Sapa before moving to Hoi An, with the goal of introducing our fair town to Mediterranean cuisine like cassoulet and homemade Toulouse sausage. Yum.

There’s plenty of tasty treats on the menu but Benjamin created a special sharing platter for our group of four. He apologized that what would normally be mahi-mahi would be red tuna instead, with the fishermens’ catch restricted due to the storm the previous day.

Happy with whatever fresh fish they’d be grilling up, we assured him that would be fine. We drank our eclectic mix of cocktails while we waited – none of which would win any awards but hey, they were pretty good value for a beach-side tipple! And when our red wine arrived, it more than made up for it. Absolutely delicious and of course it would be – the French know how to make a good wine, after all!

First up was our yellowfin red tuna duo – a thick, meaty steak of it and a portion of tuna tartare, which we jokingly (or not so jokingly) nearly stabbed each other’s hands over in a bid to get the last piece.

The fish had been delicious – but the star of the show was yet to come. And when that platter of black angus beef on the bone graced our table, it was to a chorus of “oohs”, “aahs” and “mmmms”! Such a treat doesn’t come cheap but it did satisfy four hungry meat lovers. The sides of pesto fava beans, crunch red cabbage and beautifully buttery, shallow-fried balls of mashed potatoes were the perfect compliment. Once again, playful fork stabbing was inevitable.

We finished with a portion of iced parfait infused with cinnamon essential oil – as different and tasty as it sounds – a fresh fruit salad and a chocolate fondant with coconut ice-cream that brought to mind “food porn”-style ads. Decadent. Sinful. Delicious.

A meal at The Hmong Sisters isn’t the cheapest of evenings out but it is of a much higher quality than most of An Bang’s beachfront restaurants. The decor is rustic and pretty, the view is unfailingly mesmerizing, the wine is delicious and the food is sublime. Leave your vegan friends at home and dig in to some surf ‘n’ turf at the Hmong Sisters!

Written By
Emma Sothern

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