Hoi An

Hoi An Old Town

To see some of Hoi An Old Town’s ancient buildings and heritage sites, buy a ticket for 120,000vnd.  The ticket is valid for the duration of your stay so you do not have to do it all in one day.  There are ticket booths in many areas of the Old Town; two of the most visible are on:


78 Le Loi Street (Hoi An Office of Tourist Services)

Lantern Bridge (An Hoi Side)

Choose 5 sites from 22 options (including old houses, museums, assembly halls, and performances centers). For more information, see: www.hoianworldheritage.org.vn


Traffic Free Times 

Motorbikes and electric bikes are not permitted to enter the Old Town and Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, An Hoi at certain times of the day.  Bicycles are allowed to enter at all times and cars are never permitted. Motorbike free times every day are: 8.30am – 11am; 3pm – 9pm (winter) & 3pm – 9.30pm (summer).

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Do I need to buy a ticket to enter the Old Town?

No, only to see certain sites in the Old Town.  Some tourists have found themselves being hassled to buy tickets just to walk around the Old Town.  Watch Hoi An Now’s ticketing explained for clarity.


Be respectful

When visiting pagodas, temples and tombs cover your arms, avoid mini-skirts and men should wear shirts.

The Legendary Hoi An Full Moon Lantern Festival

Try to organize your trip to coincide with the legendary Hoi An Full Moon Lantern Festival which occurs every month on the 14th day of the Lunar calendar. For the Vietnamese this is a time to pay respects to ancestors by burning fake money and making offerings of fruit and flowers in return for good luck, health and wealth. For tourists it’s a trip back in time, a night when Hoi An Old Town shuts down the lights and lanterns and shimmering candlelight takes over. Motorised vehicles and bicycles are banned, so you can wander around freely to enjoy the many cultural activities and performances without fear of being flattened by an errant driver. For a truly magical experience head down to the river to see a myriad of floating, candlelit paper flowers twinkling and bobbing on the water and, if you’re after a little bit of good luck, release one yourself for the mammoth sum of 5,000vnd.


See our Lunar calendar for dates.


Hoi An Office of Tourist Services  

Add:  47 Phan Chau Trinh Street

Tel: +84 (0) 124 342 8888 – Emergency Hotline

Tel: +84 (0) 510 366 6333 – Tourist Information Centre

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