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Hoi An has a hundred bars, but just a few that offer really great live music. Be it Vietnamese ballads, contemporary covers or old school rock classics, Hoi An has something to delight the ears of most music lovers. As ever, we took it upon ourselves to check out what was on offer and bring it to you in the form of a handy Quick Guide or Travel Guide…

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Belleville Restaurant & Lounge

Open Mic night at Belleville is every night at Belleville. With an array of different house musicians through the week audience members are encouraged up on stage to share their talent! It doesn’t matter how talented, confident or accomplished you are. The vibe is collaborative and the house band’s skills more than sufficient to assist even the most nervous of performers. As it happens, open mic here tends not to be an assault on the ears but a great meeting of musical minds from around the globe. If no one is in the mood to join in, the house performer (and often a regular or two) play through the night, so its live music guaranteed. Offering classic rock, folk and contemporary acoustic it’ll tick the boxes of most. With happy hour cocktails and fabulous food, a night at Belleville Restaurant & lounge is a must while in Hoi An.

Hours: Every Day: 7pm – 9pm

Add: 13 Nguyen Hoang

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Belleville Restaurant & Lounge. Open Mic at Belleville

Fender Bar

Music lovers and musicians alike looking for a relaxing live music experience will find a home for the evening at Fender Bar not far from Old Town. From brooding Vietnamese love ballads to Western classics like The Eagles’ ‘Hotel California’ and Carlos Santana’s ‘Black Magic Woman’, there is something for everyone at Fender Bar. Relax in a small, intimate space and watch a variety of performers take the stage in open-mic performances accompanied by a live band. Request an instrumental styling of your favorite song from the band’s large roster of Vietnamese, English, and French songs or get up and belt it out yourself — there is no pretension here. Live music begins at 8pm and the crowd gets lively around 9:30pm. If you’re looking for a relaxing environment to have a few drinks and appreciate some live music away from Old Town’s floor stomping bar scene then Fender Bar is where you need to be.

Hours: Every Night: 6pm – 11pm

Add: 15 Thoai Ngoc Hau

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Soul Kitchen

Live music in a beach setting, it’s what holiday dreams are made of! At Soul Kitchen you can find just that, every Wednesday through till Sunday this beach-side bar/restaurant cooks up sounds from the mainstream to underground. Whether your musical taste is specific to one genre or to ten, the likelihood is that Soul Kitchen will offer up a piece of what you like. Be it Pirate Rock or Bossa Nova, reggae or funk or house there is bound to be something for you – with live sax, accordion and violin as well it really is one of the most eclectic mixes you’ll find. Rock up at 5.30pm for a sun-downer and make a night of it. With local and visiting bands, a monthly reggae festival and one of the most relaxed settings around, Soul Kitchen is high on the list for music lovers and musicians alike.

Hours: Wed – Sun: 7pm -10pm

Add: An Bang Beach

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Soul Beach

If you can’t wait till Wednesday for your musical beach bar extravaganza, worry not! Soul Beach (Soul Kitchen’s younger sibling) has got you covered. With live music and DJs on a Monday and a Wednesday every week from 7pm. Soul Beach’s musical offerings are more than eclectic; piano and cabaret, disco, funk, afro jazz, Latin and folk, not to mention electro, hip hop, deep house and techno! For those with broad taste, any night at soul beach is the one for you. If your musical inclinations are more narrow then make sure to check the program first and head down on the right night. That said, whether the music is to your liking or not the setting and vibe suits everyone any night of the week. Just like Soul Kitchen, at Soul Beach you can unwind, stargaze and broaden your musical horizons, all without ever really leaving the beach!

Hours: Mon & Wed: 7pm – 10pm

Add: An Bang Beach

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Mango Mango

With three established venues (Mango Rooms, Mango Mango, and Mai Fish and) this burgeoning empire is doing great things in Hoi An. All three venues offer great food and atmosphere but it is Mango Mango that you’ll want to hit up for live music! The largest of the three venues, Mango Mango has the space to entertain. It’s hard to get a handle on who is playing in advance, but most nights you’ll find one of your Hoi An favorites, from folk and pop ballad singers to Pocolipse, an original jazzy soulful French sound, to Favela the ‘world music’ Bossa Nova, Samba, Caribbean roots trio that always pleases a crowd. Prepare for music from all reaches of the world, with different influences and artists serving up top quality tunes in this fantastic setting with some of the best cocktails in town!

Hours: Most nights: 7pm – 10pm

Add: 45 Nguyen Phuc Chu

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Mango Mango, Duc Tran

Not Live But Still Good...

Dive Bar

Previously a great spot for live music (which had to be stopped to keep the peace with their neighbors) Dive Bar continue to provide a great soundtrack for your evening. With great songs that facilitate the chilled out, welcoming vibe its a great place to grab a beer and wind down the day.

Hours: 7 days: 10am – 12am

Add: 88 Nguyen Thai Hoc

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Q Bar

A great vibe is set by a superbly chosen playlist of chill-out lounge, funk and electronica. Cool and well-ventilated, mostly tourists gravitate to the comfortable street-side seating but it’s also a favourite of discerning expats towards the end of the week. The Q Bar is the classiest bar in Hoi An’s Old Town. It could be downtown Sydney, New York or London but pricing is top-end too.

Hours: 7 nights: 11am – midnight

Add: 94 Nguyen Thai Hoc

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Q Bar. Bars in Hoi An. Cocktail

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