Hoi An Fresh Fruit Delivery

Hoi An Fresh Fruit Delivery

How to order from Hoi An Fresh Fruit Delivery

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Send your order by text or Messenger. Include your address and the delivery time you prefer. You can order by kg, 100 grams, handful or piece.


Special Notes

Product prices may vary due to seasonal factors and will be updated frequently. If you are pregnant or have children who are under 3 years old, you will get 5% discount.


Danang Orders: 20.000 vnd delivery fee  

Hoi An Orders: over 150.000 vnd free delivery, less than that 10.000 vnd delivery fee 


Add: 9 Cao Hong Lanh

Tel: +84 (0) 935 535 131 | (0) 984 073 829

Facebook: Hoian Fresh Fruit Delivery

Hoi An Fresh Fruit Delivery, hoi an

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