Moc Lan Café

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Nothing beats a ca phe al fresco here in Hoi An.

Down a small alley there is a tiny sign that reads Moc Lan Café — don’t blink or you may miss it. Through a tangled wormhole of vines, motorbikes, and rusted scaffolding, Moc Lan Café appears as if it has been folded out of the tapestry of time itself.

A cozy haven away from the concrete and beeping horns, Moc Lan Café is situated on a shoulder of the Thu Bon river where time seems to move slower.  Not your typical Vietnamese coffee joint, Moc Lan is a quiet, family-friendly café.  You wont find many loud card games or heavy smokers here.  Many of the seats are occupied by singles working on computers (though the wifi is spotty at best).  The seating area is shaded by a large canopy of trees from which colorful umbrellas hang, casting kaleidoscopic colors across the terra-cotta tiles.

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At Moc Lan you can expect a typical Vietnamese menu, ca phe den for 10,000 VND (0.45 USD), ca phe sua da for 12,000 (0.52 USD).  And expect a strong cup of coffee — I was positively buzzed after just a few sips. The café also offers a few sweet snacks, though availability varies by day.  Moc Lan only serves Vietnamese coffee (sorry, no espresso here). Be sure to try their lime ‘snow’ (though on the menu it is written lemon), a blend of ice, lime, and coconut juice. The taste is vaguely reminiscent of key-lime pie and can be enjoyed for 18,000 VND (0.80 USD). 

Vietnamese coffee beans can also be purchased here by weight, and they sell decaf! 

Hours: 6:30 AM — 10 PM
Add: 121/2, Nguyen Duy Hieu
Tel: +84 (0) 97 498 90 39

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